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What the heck is going on in Missouri

It’s a new law that’s causing people to question whether they are hearing it correctly or whether it’s “fake news” or not.

Missouri passed a law that’s putting all sex offenders on GPS for life. Even those whose sentences don’t order it.

Clearly they are not applying it retroactively, right? WRONG! It’s being applied to offenses that took place on or after August 28, 2006.

Clearly they are only applying it to people who are on probation, right? WRONG! Even someone that’s been off probation for years gets strapped with a GPS for life.

Clearly those who left the state of Missouri after having paid their debt to society can’t be subject to this law, right? WRONG! They are expected to get a GPS also.

Clearly it only applies to the “worst of the worst, most dangerous recidivists”, right? WRONG! It’s applied to Romeo and Juliet, first-time and non-contact offenders too.

Clearly it’s being challenged in court, right? HELL YES IT’S BEING CHALLENGED! Attorney Matt Fry has already sued the State of Missouri on behalf of his client.

We offer him all the support and luck in the world. This law is asinine!

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