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  1. I need help. I’ve been out of prison for three months and everything is falling apart! I’m a RSO because I took a plea deal… The DA wanted a conviction so they told me if I didn’t take the plea, I would get 126yrs. There was no tangible evidence, nothing but words against me. But it’s a small little town in Alabama. They make there own rules and everyone goes along with it. I’m also an ex police officer. I served almost 6yrs and then this happened. The general consensus is they made an example out of me. Anyways I live in a halfway house that basically extorts sex offenders. I have to pay $600 a month for my bed and I am barely keeping my nose above water. Things are about to fall apart I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to turn for help because my family has long since disowned me. I have a job but it is not that great right now. I will set up an email where you can email me from right here if you know where I can get some help.
    I’m just trying to gain traction life once I get a grip I will take off like a rocket and never look back. God bless.

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