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Possible Rent to Sex Offenders

Sky Harbor 2323E Van Buren St, Phx. 85006 602.231-9300 studios S 475 to $520 Month plus deposit

New Windsor Hotel, 546 W Adams St, Phx. 85003 602-254-8694

Budget Lodge Motel, 8617 N Black Canyon Hwy Phx. 85021 602-995-9500

JG Temporal Housing, 2970E Van Buren St, Phx. 85008 602-575-7833 Studio $500.00 to $525.00 a month.

State Motor Lodge, 3810E Van Burn St, Phoenix. 602-244-8750

Las Palmas Hotel 765 Grand Ave, Pint. 85007 602-256-9161

Coronado Hotel, 807 N 1st St, Phx. 85004 602-262-9474

Victory Inn & Suites 1711 W BELL RD, ,PHOENIXAZ, 85023 602466-2089

Balkan Motel, 9301 N CAVE CREEK RD, Phx. 85020 602-488.7847

Budget Suites Motel, 2702 W Yorkshire Dr, Phoenix, 85027 623-587-1700

Premier Inn, 10402 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, 85051. 602-943-2371

Motel 6, 413014 Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix 85017. 602-277-5501

Legacy Suites 8225 W McDowell Rd, Phx 85035 623-374-6100

Legacy Suites 1204 N 91st Ave, Tolleson 85353 623-388.6950

Studios, 1609 W Latham St, Pk. 602-702-9041 contact George $450.00 includes util.

Cottages 2136-2138 W Washington St (16 cottages) 1 bdrm $400.00 plus electric 602-644-1826 Erica

Stapley Manor Apts. 819 S Stapley Dr, Mesa 85204 480-414-5382 zoned Commercial

El Captan Lodge Motel 24 N Paw St, Men 85201 480-964-0881

Plainsman Motel, 1338 W Mein St, Mesa 85201 480.964-4903

Frontier Hotel, 1307 E Main St, Mesa 85203 480-964-1398

Arizona Motel 2625 E Van Buren St, Phoenix 85008 602-275.9842

Citrus Inn 524 W Main St, Mesa 85201 480-833-9810

Westernaire Motel, 5414 li Main St, Mesa 85205 480-985-9944

Studio 6 Motel, 4909 S Wendler Dr; Tempe 85282. 602-414-4470

Desert Vista Apts. 6763E Main St, Mesa 85205 480-228-0695

Colonade Suites Motel 5440E Main St, Mesa 85205 480.981-8888

Alhambra Hotel 43 S Macdonald, Mesa 85210 zoned commercial $120 a week $450.00 a month 480490-2090

Chad Cluff – Property manager East Valley Mesa/ Gilbert 480-252-4576

El Ranchito, 3060 Grand Ave. contact Ron Warner 602-696-5283 studios $135 week 1 bdrm $165 a week &
Kitchenette 3239 E Van Buren (owner Dave Blau 602-499-3425)

PROGRAMS/Rents Rooms

1526 W McKinley St Phx. 85007 owner Chris Downing 602496-8114 rent rooms houses at 151 Ave & McKinley

Kokopelll Group Home, Mesa, AZ, Steve Collins 480-820-2121

Dave Fraley Amigos House 7865 14 49th Ave, Glendale 85301 602-549-1060 $110.00 a week

Abel House 122 & 126140 Ave 1609 W Latham St Monica Memo 602-441-0956 Julian Lopes 602-686-7715

Redeemed Outreach Center 1109 W Jefferson St, Phx 85007 ( 602-368-2111 Pastor Jack) 602-595-4658

Set Free  602-287-1511 faith based, first 4 months, leave escorted only. 8 to 12 month program. Zoned C-3.

Womens single family residence 2014 W Monroe St Phx. Contact Jennifer 480-272-9515 or 602-507-0477

South Mtn Supervisory Care, 6420 S 22nd St, Phx. 85040 Mary Plank 602-276-3883

New Dimension House 1838 B Cypress St, Phx. Leroy contact 602-367-6626

Family Home East Supervisory Care 5251 S 3rd St, Phx. 602-268-0738 licensed care facility

James Ledbetter (owner), rents rooms at 6019 N 51st Ave, 1521 W McKinley & has apts. on westside. 602-695-3500

Singleton Properties; @ Brookfield Apt 6545 N 19’h Ave Phx 602-6264150 Shared 1 bdrm apartments for SMI

Jacobs Journey House/ Shelter, 2051 E APACHE BLVD, TEMPE 602-754.6558 contact Sheryl or Geri

East Valley Men’s Center, 2345 N Country Club Dr, Mesa 85201 480-610-6722

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Arizona Sex Offender One Stop Resource


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  1. Please help! My husband was injured while working at the rv park we live at ( rent and electric are his pay.) When he told the manager he was going to have to file workman comp, he got fired and evicted. My husband is a level 2 sex offender who is not an parole or probation and we can’t find any place besides hotels that we can live.

    1. Contact cluff property management 480 309 5100 they work with owners that rent to sex offenders I have personally used there service and would recommend the company they were quick and discreet good luck

    2. Contact cluff property management 480 309 5100 they work with owners that rent to sex offenders I have personally used there service and would recommend the company they were quick and discreet good luck

  2. My fiancé and I are relocating to Flagstaff in the next three weeks. We are having trouble finding housing, as he has a 2nd degree child molestation conviction. In 2012 he entered an Alford Plea, allowing him to maintain his innocence while acknowledging that a jury could convict him.

    He served his time and community custody. He also paid out-of-pocket for two years of sex offender treatment, from which he received a shining recommendation to the courts from his treatment doctor, showing he is not a danger to minors unsupervised. The courts agreed.

    He also immediately began paying child support when he was released from prison in 2913, and has paid $500 to $700 per month for the last two years. Since his conviction, he has been rated as a Level 1 offender, which carries the lowest risk to reoffend. He currently has unsupervised weekly visits with his two children.

    Unfortunately, we are in a battle with his ex wife, who was withholding visits long before his conviction, and has used this conviction to her advantage at every turn. She has now moved the kids to Flagstaff. We live in Washington State. She is attempting to move the kids far enough away that he won’t be able to have a relationship with them.

    For that reason, we are following her to Flagstaff. I have a permanent fixed income; a pension I receive from the death of my husband. It is $3700 per month, plus both he and I work full time. We have excellent rental history for the last 4 years, with two landlords who know our story and will vouch for us. Any ideas on how to find a place to rent where we won’t be turned away immediately based solely on his conviction?

  3. Does anyone know who will rent to two level one sex offenders? And that will allow pets my husband need a service animal.

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