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  1. My Step Dad is a sex offender, We are having a very hard time finding someone who will rent to him. He has not been in trouble in over 12 years and is a hard worker and makes good money. If there is any way you can help us with finding anyone who will rent to him we would greatly appreciate it!

  2. We are in search of an apartment for a 60 year old male. 1 bedroom studio.

  3. Aindrea McCammon, LMSW

    I am a case manager in transitional housing seeking permanent housing for a veteran who must register as a sex offender. He is a senior, disabled, and low-income. He has had an exemplary record for over 20 years. He has been an asset to our community while in transitional housing. He also has a caregiver and a companion animal. Any and all resources and suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you!

  4. Hello I’m looking for housing for me and my family but its hard because my boyfriend is register as a sex offender and were trying to move to a bigger place any ideas what I can do because I dont work he the only one working

  5. I’m a 44 year old business owner and a level 3 sex offender. I’m being evicted becouse my landlord says he does not want children in the complex becouse of the high number of sex offenders he rents to.. however there is another family who is also a sex offender who is not being asked to leave… I need to find a place to rent asap! Any one have any ideas?.

  6. I am a therapist and have a client who is a registered sex offender looking for housing in Tucson, preferable north side of town. One bedroom apartment or the like

  7. Name: William J. Crary
    Phone: 520-272-0651
    Tucson, Arizona 85705
    What may we assist you with?: I am currently living in a place that accepts sex offenders. Over the last two years he has raised the rent a hundred dollars. This last one with a note that this is the prevailing rent in this area and for what he offers. Yet when i even look at Craigslist, I find dozens of apartments at the same price or less with excellent amenities.

    He just simply knows that he can keep raising the rent cause we don’t have to many other options if we don’t want to live on the streets.

    I am a good renter. I pay my rent on time every month without fail, have even done repairs on my own just to get them done, and have good credit. I need to move and find an apartment that isn’t run by a slum lord. I am a good person just trying to continue to fit in.

    Anything you can do to help me find another place would be helpful.

  8. Can you please help us find an apartment or house that will rent to us? My husband is a level 2 sex offender and has had a clean record in 18 years. He did 18 months in Florida for failing to register in the allotted time due to illness any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated

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