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Citizen Support Group

Hello members, we would like to inform you of a support group that may be of interest to you. Please read the details below and feel free to contact this person.


Name: Gretchen Jacobs
Contact Address: 8203 E Frito Dr, Mesa, AZ 85208
What may we assist you with?: I’m a Christian Counselor with a private practice in Mesa. I have previous experience in NJ with SO’s in jail and Ex-So’s in the community as I established a social support group for Christian ex-SO’s and am thinking about options here in Mesa, AZ. Perhaps a social group, and/or a counseling group for men as well as a separate support group for parents and perhaps another one for partners/spouses. Anyone Interested?
Feel free to go and reply to my website
and take a look. Can I speak with someone about the feasibility of this? Anyone interested attending in the community?
thank you
Gretchen Jacobs, MA, MS, Chaplain
e mail is

Citizen Support Group


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  1. Hi I’m am a level 3. I am being evicted by my landlord becouse I have. Holden I’m the home…. he says that he no longer want kids in the complex but there are other families here that are not being asked to leave….. who have kids. I need to find a place to live by the end of September ….. and I don’t know what to do.

  2. My neighbor has(had)a with her didn’t tell anyone postcards were sent out and the whole park was crazy over it..I tried to find him a shelter for his safety..couldn’t find he is at his mom’s temp. He needs counseling, work,a place to stay..he has no money at the moment..but is willing to do any work…I just wanted to make sure he has a chance he has no friends..I told him to pray for strength and’s all I could do..I don’t know what the details of the offence are..just that he’s a human being and he needs some help..Thank you

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