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  1. hi my name is oscar and i wanted to know why wont anybody hire me full time because im a sex offender.i have been working for a day labor for awhile.anyways can i file for disability because i cant get a full time job?im gettin really upset because my crime goes back to 1996 thank you.

    1. Look into trucking. My offence was in 96 but I got a career and get good money too.

  2. I’m living in an apartment complex with my 20 year old daughter and her 2 kids . My landlord texted me the other day saying he didn’t want kids in the complex becouse of the high number of sex offenders he rents to of which I am one…. I’m a level 3 . There is another family with a child but they are not being evicted.!!!! There has to be some sort of law that prevents this!

  3. I am not a convicted sex sex offender but save the children and the christian alliance took a un offial tip from a person in the country of Panama , I was not even interiewed or arrested. but the beat on my door at night I am looking for a cheap place to live ehere I cant be disturbed and any ngo to help me run them off

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