Month: March 2017

City of Palm Bay to change how it handles sex offenders

City of Palm Bay to change how it handles sex offenders As if it were not hard enough to find a job… BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A court victory for the city of Palm Bay means homeowners could be protected from sex offenders working for contractors or delivery companies, city leaders said. From now on, […]

Brevard/Seminole Prosecutor Arrested on Drug Charges. What should we do?

We don’t take pleasure in other’s tragedy or believe in kicking someone when they are down, so this post should not be taken the wrong way. Given the challenges we’ve had in Seminole and Brevard Counties with their outrageous proximity ordinances, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of one of their Assistant State Attorneys […]

Putnam County’s “Sex Offender Compliance” Specialist

You know how humiliating they are. The monthly “address verification” visits from police. You’re years off probation and haven’t had a single brush with the law since, but still the police show up at your doorstep to “verify” that you’re living or working where you’re supposed to. If you live in a municipality with some […]

Suntree wants to ban sex offenders from living there

SUNTREE — The Suntree Master Homeowners Association, one of Brevard County’s largest residential developments, may soon have one of the strictest policies in the state when it comes to allowing sexual offenders and sexual predators to live there. The association is asking residents to amend its housing restrictive covenants, which would bar known sexual offenders and sexual predators […]