Category: Civil Motions

Applying for Restoration of Civil Rights

Clemency Applying for Restoration of Civil Rights (RCR), Pardon, Firearm Authority, and Other Forms of Clemency When an application for any form of clemency is received in the Office of Executive Clemency, it is screened for eligibility regarding the required time frames for the various offenses and the accompanying required certified court documents are reviewed. […]

Jill Barger Law Firm

Jill Barger, Attorney At Law, is a sponsor of the Sex Offender One Stop Resource website. We would like to tell you a bit about her and invite you to check out her website and if there is any services you may need, she may be able to assist you. Jill Barger is an […]

Sex offenders on Facebook

Facebook as a busting agent of friend’s of Sex Offenders. “Here is a friend’s App everyone needs.”   Facebook app reveals if friends are registered sex offenders The free Friend Verifier app scans the people you are connected to on social media and points out anyone who is linked to the national sex offender registry. […]

Legal News

Pasco approves new restrictions on where sex offenders can live ACLU Challenges Miami-Dade Housing Restriction Forcing Former Sex Offenders to Live by Railroad Tracks Florida Town Offers Housing for Criminal Sex Offenders Sex Offender Risk and Recidivism in Florida Status of Ex-Offender Reentry Efforts In Cities Relief from sex offender registration and notification requirements Sex […]

Bill Of Sale

    ___________(1)___________, of __________   STATE OF _________(1)________) ) ss: COUNTY OF ________(2)________) KNOW YE ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS,   That, ________(3)__________, of ____________(4)______________, for and in consideration of payment of the sum of $_____(5)_____, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey to ___________(6)____________ of ______________(7)________________, […]