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  1. Requesting Information
    Your Name: Donald Slaton
    Your Email:
    Contact Phone Number: 8506196527
    Send us a document if you need to:
    What information would you like to provide us?: I was convicted in 1997 of a sexual misconduct with a minor a class “c” felony I was also had another charge penny in another county same state though “aggravated battery ” “b”felony they ran both of my sentences concecutive I got probation on the sex case and parole for the violence: all this occurred in Indiana . Now I was told by judge and probation officer I didn’t have to register but parole said I did so I register, my offense was a ten year registry is what I was told so I did it it. Well 7 years ago I moved to South Carolina and they told the sheriff office that I only had three days to register nothing else. Well got there and found out that was a lie there state is lifetime. So we moved to Florida I knew they were lifetime but they told me that if provided them with the paperwork they would get me in front of a judge and see , well now Florida is saying no due to South Carolina well South Carolina told me I was not on their registry. And Indiana is saying that if I come back that To live in Indiana that I would be a lifetime registry due to Florida. Can anyone help me?
    Address of Housing/Resource: 5309 Eaton Dr
    Milton, FL 32583-2724
    County of Resource Requested: Milton

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