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If you see any postings on this page, this is a list of our viewers who are requesting our assistance or the assistance of you, to find the help they need. Please contact them if you can help.

Name: Ricky Petty
Phone: 386-517-3414
Address: 3753 W. International Speedway Blvd, Room 11, Daytona Beach, Fl 32124
What may we assist you with?: I would like to find another place to live. I have a job and am currently paying 500 a month. I need to stay in that range. Can you please help?

Name: Wallace Lane
Phone: 3213174341
Address: 6680 Cairo Rd, Cocoa , FL 32927
What may we assist you with?  Finding affordable housing less than 450 per month

Name: Rufus Tinsman
Phone: 4075027192
Address: 1316 West Concord St     Orlando, Florida 32805
What may we assist you with? 1316 West Concord St

Your Name: Nick Lytle
Your Email:
Contact Phone Number: 863-605-4654
Profile Pic: Link

What information would you like to provide us?: I am a registered sexual predator, currently on probation, seeking housing in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. I already have a good job there. My housing arrangements have changed and I have about a week and a half (1.5 wks) to find a new place. Currently I reside in Polk County. I have to get the address approved prior for legal conditions (1000′ rule of staying away from schools, parks, daycares, bus stops and any place where children congregate). This excludes most apartment and condo options for me, as most of them have public access pools (even if gated and secured) and/or play areas for children. I am 54 years old. Most 55+ facilities will consider me an option.
County of Resource Requested: Pinellas

Name: Quentin T. Price
Phone: 352-300-0082
What may we assist you with? My name is Quentin T. Price, I am a sex offender who was recently released from prison after serving 16 years. I am in need of housing as well as help finding work. I am hitting a brick wall every way I turn and am feeling hopeless and helpless. Can you help me, please. I am currently assigned to probation/parole in Marion County, the county in which I was born and raised. My mother was only able to house me temporarily, but can no longer do so due to finances. You can contact me through my sister’s email above, if my phone no longer has minutes and she will deliver the message.


Quentin T. Price


Name: Gloria Ogden
Phone: 850-716-8895
Address: 962 McFarlan Avenue, Florida Fort Walton Beach
What may we assist you with?: Hello,
My name is Gloria Ogden. I am a Peer Management Specialist at Lakeview Center in Okaloosa County. My clients are ex felons, bad credit, previous evictions. It has been very difficult to find housing for our clients in the Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, and Crestview areas. I was wondering if you could assist me in my search. 850-716-8895.

Thank You,

Peer Management Specialist
Lakeview Center

Name: Kathy Robberts
Phone: 3523459702
Address: PO Box 22756, Crystal River, Florida 34423
What may we assist you with?: I am requesting information on housing for my son who is a sex offender who will be residing in crystal river Florida upon release in October. need help with finding resources for housing and employment.
Please call me if u will 352.345.9702 because don’t have regular access to internet.

Name: Stephanie Wheeler
Phone: 772 261 7821
Address: 1571 ne 22nd street, Jensen Beach, fl 34957
What may we assist you with?: I am looking to find housing for my brother who will be released in July 2018. He is looking to come home to Martin County but would be willing to live in any surrounding counties. We are also looking for any help, resources, or info that may help his transition.

Name: Kevin Manuel
Contact Phone Number: 2392928024
What may we assist you with? I need help finding housing in the Lakeland area
Date Posted: October 16, 2016

My name is Margaret and my friend is hopefully being released in 2 or 3 months from prison.  He is a convicted sex offender and im trying to help him as much as I can with his transition back into the community. He has been incarcerated for 36 years and is going to need all the help he can get when he is first released. We are hoping for housing locally in martin, st.lucie,  or indian river counties if at all possible.  If someone could please email me back, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much

Name: Wanda
Contact Phone Number: 7722402776
Requests: Housing in Lee County, Florida

Name: Bridget
What may we assist you with?: My son is getting out of prison on September 6. Not sure if I am to close to a school bus stop. Probation is taking forever to let me know. Hillsborough county. He will be marked as a predator. Trying to find a place in either hillsborough or Pinellas county.

Name: Dave Ukch
Phone: 7272671906
What may we assist you with? Housing for sexual predator pasco Hillsborough Pinellas or any where for my client

Name: Michele Kanarick
Phone: 5619005655
Address:  Boynton Beach , FL 33426
What may we assist you with? Would like to find housing in martin county for my brother

Name: LaWanda Scott
Phone: 850-718-0097
Address: Apalachee Correctional Institution
35 Apalachee Drive, Sneads, Florida 32460
What may we assist you with? I am attempting to assist a currently incarcerated sex offender find housing in Martin County Florida after his release. He is seeking temporary housing and says that he has the funds to pay for housing. Please send me a listing of appropriate housing options in Martin County Florida for ex felons who are designated as sex offenders. Thank you.

Name: Kathy Burke
Phone: 386-871-6108
Address: Port Orange , Fl 32127
What may we assist you with?: Employment in Alachua County

Name: Norman Doty
Phone: 7725382100
Address:  Hollywood , Fl 33020
What may we assist you with?: I am a sex offender and can’t find temporary housing. I have a job and a vehicle but no other money or resources.

Name: Sharday Blackman
Phone: 7273207002
Address: St. Petersburg, FL 33712
What may we assist you with? My brother is soon to be released from prison after serving 17 years for a sexual battery charge. My mother, sister, and I have been trying to find a place for him to live. We are all he’s got and we wants him to live in the same county as us. We understand the guidelines of him being a sexual offender. We just need him here close to us and not in a different county. We have the money to get him settled into a place. We would like some help please.

Name: C.M.
Phone:  9044680731
Address: Ponte Vedra, Florida 32081

Name: Bill Davis
Phone 8136506032
Address: Seffner, FL 33584
What may we assist you with? Me and my wife are ex sexoffenders. We live in Tampa to.
We need help finding P!eases help us


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