Putnam County’s “Sex Offender Compliance” Specialist

You know how humiliating they are. The monthly “address verification” visits from police. You’re years off probation and haven’t had a single brush with the law since, but still the police show up at your doorstep to “verify” that you’re living or working where you’re supposed to.

If you live in a municipality with some class or discretion, they will show up in an unmarked or regular police car. After all; they realize that to the least extent they disrupt your housing or employment, the more likely you’ll be able to live a law-abiding life.

If you live in a municipality that’s clueless about restorative justice, they will show up in one marked “Special Victims Unit” or wearing complete swat gear. There’s no other way, after all, to paint the picture in your neighbor’s mind that you could potentially have an abducted kid in your closet.

Putnam County, Florida found a way to one-up the level of sadistic punishment by putting “Sexual Offender Compliance” on the side of their cars.

This way they will ensure you lose your job or that your wife and children are humiliated to the point of suicide whenever the car pulls in front of your house.

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