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Ascension Social Services
Aurora Road, Melbourne, Florida
Helps with food, utility bills and rent


210 E Hibiscus Boulevard    Melbourne, FL 32901   (321) 951-1836 Main


701 West Cocoa Beach Causeway      Cocoa Beach, FL 32932
(321) 784-5661 Administrative    (321) 784-5878 Fax


17 East Hibiscus Boulevard           Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 727-8581 Main                  view map



 Quick Website Links to Brevard County Resources

The following table is a handy list of many of the Brevard County resources available for Space Coast visitors and residents alike.  These quick links were originally provided by our Brevard County official website which was redesigned in late 2012.  Some of these quick links to Space Coast area resources may not currently provide the same tool or website as previously, but we make every attempt to ensure that all links function.

The current page format for Brevard County area resources can be accessed from our menu options above, or directly at: Space Coast Links.

Follow the links provided below to assist you with many of your Space Coast Area needs:

By clicking on the links above, Brevard County residents and visitors alike can quickly access the related resources which are provided for their use on many commonly encountered local needs. While many of these links direct individuals to specific Brevard County offices, there are numerous other government or business websites represented as appropriate to provide the best resource available for your specific area of interest.

Please browse these sites to answer many frequently asked questions about the local Brevard County resources available to assist you with many of your Space Coast activities.  The websites and articles provided within can assist you to make the most of your visit to the area or daily needs of residents.


Sex Offender Tracking Unit

Food & Clothing
CITA Mission [telnumlink] (321) 725-5160 [/telnumlink]
His Place Ministries: [telnumlink](321) 674-9009[/telnumlink]
Daily Bread [telnumlink](321) 723-1060[/telnumlink]
Brevard Community Kitchen  [telnumlink](321) 636-9901[/telnumlink]
Sharing Center of Central Brevard  (Cocoa) [telnumlink](321) 631-0306[/telnumlink]

Medical and Special Needs
Brevard Health Department [telnumlink](321) 637-7300 [/telnumlink]
F.A.C.T. Team  [telnumlink](321) 604-3888 [/telnumlink]
Brevard Health Alliance Rockledge [telnumlink](321) 639-5177 [/telnumlink]
American Diabetes Foundation [telnumlink](800) 342-2383[/telnumlink]
Pregnancy Resources [telnumlink](321) 752-5540[/telnumlink]
Project Response (HIV/AIDS) [telnumlink](321) 724-1177[/telnumlink]

Youth Services
Prevent Of Brevard [telnumlink] (321) 259-7262 [/telnumlink]
Children’s Home Society [telnumlink] (321) 752-3170[/telnumlink]
Center for Drug-Free Living [telnumlink] (321) 726-2889 [/telnumlink]
B.O.A.T. [telnumlink] (321) 773-1111 [/telnumlink]
Devereux [telnumlink] (321) 242-9100 [/telnumlink]
Dept. of Children & Families [telnumlink] (321) 690-3710 [/telnumlink] or [telnumlink] (866) 762-2237[/telnumlink]

Senior Services
Elder Helpline [telnumlink] (407) 514-0019 [/telnumlink]
Aging Matters [telnumlink] (321) 639-8770[/telnumlink]
Alzheimer’s Foundation [telnumlink] (321) 253-3556[/telnumlink]
Senior Care of Brevard [telnumlink] (321) 631-9014[/telnumlink]

Substance Abuse Services
Alcoholics Anonymous

  • for South Brevard [telnumlink] (321) 724-2247 [/telnumlink] or
  • for North Brevard [telnumlink] (321) 633-0052[/telnumlink]

AI-ANON [telnumlink] (321) 639-0220 [/telnumlink]
Narcotics Anonymous [telnumlink] (321) 631-4357[/telnumlink]
Liberty Lodge Ministries [telnumlink] (321) 264-0757[/telnumlink]
B.0.A.T. [telnumlink] (321) 773-1111[/telnumlink]
S.T.E.PS. (321) 637-7730[/telnumlink]
Prevent Of Brevard [telnumlink] (321) 259-7262 [/telnumlink]
Sally’s House (pregnant women) [telnumlink] (321) 676-1260[/telnumlink]
Walk About Ministries [telnumlink] (321) 269-1200[/telnumlink]
Central FL. Substance Abuse Treatment Center [telnumlink] (321) 631-4578[/telnumlink]
Center for Drug-Free Living [telnumlink] (321) 726-2889 [/telnumlink]
Twin Rivers/Circle of Care [telnumlink] (321) 722-5200 [/telnumlink]
Act Center [telnumlink] (321) 385-3390 [/telnumlink] Titusville

Counseling and Education
Family Counseling Center [telnumlink] (321) 632-5792[/telnumlink]
Women’s Center [telnumlink] (321) 242-3110 [/telnumlink]
Circles Of Care

  • Melbourne [telnumlink] (321) 952-6000 [/telnumlink]
  • Rockledge [telnumlink] (321) 890-1550 [/telnumlink]
  • Titusville [telnumlink] (321) 269-4590 [/telnumlink]

Catholic Social Services [telnumlink] (321) 636-6144 [/telnumlink]
Youth Umbrella (parenting) [telnumlink] (321) 433-3570 [/telnumlink]
Space Coast Area Transit [telnumlink] (321) 633-1878[/telnumlink]

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Brevard County Florida Resources – Sex Offender One Stop Resource

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