Sex offenders on Facebook

Facebook as a busting agent of friend’s of Sex Offenders.

“Here is a friend’s App everyone needs.”


Facebook app reveals if friends are registered sex offenders

The free Friend Verifier app scans the people you are connected to on social media and points out anyone who is linked to the national sex offender registry.

However this app does not verify by fingerprint as required by law only by name.

Like those who were accused by DMV to sex offenders or predator, guess what Facebook has verified sex offenders on their accounts.

Some of them however were not and they did have the same name and in 2 cases the same addresses.


So, I decided to fight Facebook’s policy 4 restricting SO from using the internet service.

By Federal decree issued in Indiana by a Federal Judge and upheld in a higher court.


The first court up held the ban, but the higher court pointed out factors the lower court did not address.

But overturn for over broad and not content neutral.

Issued the following information about Facebook.


In Louisiana you only have put your profile you SO status to be valid on any social media.

As Quoted:

Do registered sex offenders have a First Amendment right to access Facebook? Yes, according to a federal appeals court. In January 2013, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down an Indiana law that barred most registered sex offenders from using social networking websites, instant messaging services, and chat programs. The court ruled that the law unconstitutionally limited offenders’ free speech rights. (Doe v. Prosecutor, Marion County Indiana, 2013 WL 238735 (Jan. 23, 2013).)


In February 2012, a district court in Louisiana blocked enforcement of a law that banned registered sex offenders from Facebook and other social networking sites because the law violated the First Amendment. In its ruling, the court described the Louisiana law as a “near total ban on Internet access” that “unreasonably restricts many ordinary activities that have become important to everyday life in today’s world.” At a hearing in the case, the judge noted that the Louisiana law even seemed to bar sex offenders from accessing the federal court’s own website. In May 2012, Louisiana enacted a new law that requires registered sex offenders to post their criminal status on their profile pages on social networking sites. (H.B. 620 at the Louisiana State Legislature webpage,

In October 2012, a district court judge in Nebraska struck down parts of that state’s law restricting social networking site access by sex offenders based on the First Amendment. (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28.322.05.)

End quote


Accordingly, Facebook still will ban sex offenders as members and even report them to the police despite losing in court.

Next step will have to be an injunction to remove Facebook as an illegally used company in the United States using public funds to violate the US Constitution.

A lot of the groups on Facebook are funded by public interest groups and tax money gathered when ever a SO pays taxes.




Updated: December 7, 2015 — 3:16 pm