New York’s new Internet ban.

I was reading an article in the Yorktown Daily Voice, thinking about how I can present it in a way that makes sense.

The article begins, “The State Senate approved, 59-2, legislation prohibiting Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders from using the internet for social networking or for accessing pornographic sites involving sexual relation with minors for life.”

So the social networking ban is horrible and undoubtedly it will be challenged (or preempted once the Packingham decision comes out), but what’s this about being prohibited from “accessing pornographic sites involving sexual relation with minors”? What’s that all about? Isn’t everyone prohibited from accessing pornographic sites involving sexual relation(s) with minors? Isn’t that illegal to begin with? Shouldn’t everyone be banned from accessing child porn? Why create a separate law to make that illegal for registrants?

The new legislation also prohibits a registrant from, “communicat(ing) with individuals under eighteen years of age for the purpose of promoting sexual relations”. Again… hasn’t soliciting sex with a minor been illegal already?

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