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  1. ny son joshua kincheloe is in prison in malvern ar,needs a place to go he’s been approved for parole, but we are unable to find a place to accept him we have checked all of NWA need help finding a place,needs to be very affordable

    1. Have his parole officer to give him a voucher for being homeless and they will 0ay for rent somewhere he pick

  2. I am not a sex offenders but I have a friend that is he trying to find a place in Little Rock, Arkansas or Conway Arkansas,to parole out to,I would let him stay with me but I live close to a park, his parole plain was turned down with his uncle because of a daycare on Lasker lane, please help

  3. Hello I am trying to help my ex he is a registered sex offender. He has been living in an apartment for almost a year and all of a sudden he has a new person he has to report to now says he has to move cause there is a trail a few blocks from him so he has to leave his po is the one that helped him get there and said it was fine. He is having a really hard time trying to find another place. He works a day job and a night job. He hasn’t been in trouble since 1998 and it wasn’t having sex or even touching anything one. Can anyone help me help him find a home the new guy is threatening to put him in jail if he doesn’t have a place to live in the next couple of weeks.

    1. You can call me at 5014787014 perhaps i can helpyou can call me Peter.

      1. Hello, Do you know of any housing for a victimless sex offender? We are having a hard time finding a place. Thank you

      2. Stephanie Casteel

        I need help I have a friend who is staying in this absolute horrible place the owner Ben Perkins should be in jail for the way he treats the people living here. This man forces everyone to work for him at his car wash and ge tajes almost all of their money. They get between 20 to 50 dollars a week to live on there is no way for anyone to save any money to get out. He treats them like his personal slaves and gives them no options to even try to better themselves. Please help 870-941-9100

  4. Same here my son lived here before he was accused of what he have done but he is unable to come back home due to we
    live to close to a park ?????
    We live in North West Ark.

    1. Just a thought your son was living with you before he was convinced right? Well as long as he was living there before his conviction and the crime was not committed there nor the victim lives in that area he is grandfathered in and exempt from that limitations check the state by laws they should tell you what he is exempt from.

    2. Looking to rent in LR, just can’t find place that will rent to a level 2 offender, charge is over 28 years old.

    3. What level is your sonj

  5. My Father is a sex offender and will be getting out of prison in about a month. I will not let him lived with me due to I have a son at home. He will be needing a place to live, what are your requirements and all the info I may need to get the ball rolling to get him a place. He of course has no income and im not able to put out any money to help. Please let me know what you can do to help.

  6. Just got out of prison about s munth ago was homeless in little rock did 10 years in prison mom lit me move to her house wint to poleace to register and now I can’t live there because there is a bike trail 1900 feet from the house as what the hell man this is crazy so any thing that any one could do to help will be appreciated cus I don’t want to go back to prison please I need help

  7. I am homeless near little rock and looking for a shelter that will take me even though I’m a sex offender. My sex offence had nothing to do with a child, and I did not rape anyone. I am trying to stay out of prison if anyone knows of a shelter to help me get back on my feet that helps with shelter, food, jobs. Plz contact me A.S.A.P. My number is 501-605-4471. Thank you and God bless

  8. Terence Callihan

    I am a registered sex offender. I need help trying to find housing for myself. I currently live with my dad, but I want my own place. Something affordable. I don’t care what it is. I have a job and my own vehicle.

  9. We live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our brother has been given parole after 45years. He Went to prison when he was 16,he only got to come home once in 1999 to our moms funeral. We guess he was lost in the system. We have been working and paying out money to be heard to get him out over all those years. Now my sisters and I are having a hard time finding him an apt. Any suggestions. Thanks for listening.

    1. My son is in Ark.Regional unit & may be paroled in July & will need a place to live. No such place in Texarkana. Need help in finding him a place & help for job.

      1. My brother is about to be paroled also in the Texarkana area & I am looking for housing & a job for him also. Praying 🙏🏻

  10. I am looking for a place to rent for my brother. He is a level 4. I would like for him to be in Or near batesville if anyone knows of a place. He had been approved for parole but I can’t find a place that is 2000 FT from park church school or daycare .. and it’s 2000 ft as the crow flies. UGH I need help..

    1. Pamela Williamson

      He is better off buying at his level on the outskirts of a town :(. My grandson is level 2 and has a hard time. And he & his gf have two son’s ages 1 & 2. They have an apt now but it’s not the nicest place. If you have a job or a co signer check with the usda. They help peoe buy homes.

    2. Would like help finding emergency living for soon to be ex husband . Is there any where that will let sex offenders live in Benton county ar

  11. Im looking for emergency shelter for someone that is a level 3 sex offender in conway because he has went to some places to get up off of the streets and they told him that they cant help him what he cant live with me i live in a highrise and they want let him move in to houseing so if anyone knows of a place please let me know something today because he is calling me he needs it to b in conway ar because he needs an address to live at he has no transportion someone please help me out with this today thanks he cant be by no schools and no day care and no play grounds at all

    1. Your best best is a motel in this case
      :(, temporarily

  12. I’m looking for a place to rent that will allow a level 2 sex offender in Washington County

    1. Have you found some place in Washington County? My dad is a level 2 and is homeless as of this weekend. Desperately looking for something now. Would even be willing to roommate with another low level.

  13. Hello,iam’ a sister of a brother who is a level 3 sex offender. He has been paroled,right now he is in pinebluff. He paroled out on 10/2/2018. He was a model prisoner,no problems ever,just the sAme since he has been out.sister desperate.

  14. Need help asap my brother,needs a place to go asap. He has been paroled,since 10/2/2018. He was a model prisoner,and has done everything rite since being realeased. Please he needs a plan asap

  15. Hello, My fiance is getting out of prison in a couple of months ans we want to move to Boone County. I am trying to find somewhere that will rent to a victimless sex offender. I would like to be established by the end of April, but it has bewn hard di ding somwone whom will rent to us. Please help

    1. Sorry to say this but his record will make your life difficult. And hold you back. That is what is happening to my grandsons gf atm. She is bitter and angry towards him now, because she can’t live in Nice places with the boys as long as they stay together, and takes her choice to stay with him the last 3 years out on him and makes his life miserable. Then you have probation beating down your door scaring you and the kids half to death at all hours, RAF for no reason! Just think twice before living with a reg citizen, sadly she qualified for hud, but they asked her who she had been living with and when she gave them his name and they found out who he was even though he wasn’t going to be living with her in her own apartment they denied her said they didn’t want him in the apartment at all. Like what the heck if you’re paying rent and you have his children he ought to be able to at least come visit or babysit HUD rules are they can’t rent to a peso doesn’t have nothing in the rules say that they can’t be on the premises ever. But that is people’s attitudes just because she lives with him they turned her down. You’re better off buying if you decide to live together.

  16. I have a son in Malvern unit and he has MH/MR, he’s a adolescent a12 year old, he’s made parole but we need a place where he can live, we’re to close to park.

    1. What do you mean, only three and four level have to abide by 2000 square foot rule in Arkansas

  17. My son just got convicted in Texas, he is 18 and is wanting to move to arkadelphia ar with me. How long will it take for approval for him to come here

    1. It all depends if Arkansas will accept him

  18. Need place to rent. Please contact immediatly. If needed call 9035135052

  19. My brother is a level 4 sex offender who made parole last September. His parole plan was denied because of no cell signal for his ankle monitor. He’s also required to have someone live with him for a while at least due to his level. We’re looking for someone he can live with and parole out to for a while. He has money to pay for rent if anyone would help him. Thanks!

  20. My son is looking for a place he is in prison at the time I need somewhere to parole to can you help me he is a level 2 can someone get a contact me as soon as possible

  21. Looking for a room or one bed apt in nwa for a level 3 offender. Desperate need. On social security so need something affordable. We are having no luck or any help.

  22. I’m looking for a place for my brother once he is released from jail on September 30. He is a level 2 offender and any help will be much appreciated

  23. Would like help finding emergency living for soon to be ex husband . Is there any where that will let sex offenders live in Benton county ar

  24. My name is Ronald Williams i been living as a sex offender for well over twenty years i have heart failure recent back surgery an hep c . I cant find an help reasonable help that is all Acc an law officals think about is locking someone up currently homeless put on streets in pine bluff Ar by Acc i need help to doctors appointments .Not in good health the Acc wants me to stay in places that would endanger my well being if there is any help out there i definitely could use some.

  25. My husband is now living and working in Arkansas and I’m in Texas.i want to join him but it is hard since I’m a sex offender.i didn’t do my crime my ex husband did 30years ago.so I know how hard finding a place
    Can be

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