Duval County Housing

Duval County Housing

Study Estates

(Cissy) 904-508-4859
6714 Moncrief Rd West
Jacksonville, Florida 32219

Rents to men only sex offenders that do not have the bus stop rule here in Duval county.
Call me for more details.

IM Sulzbacher Center
P 904.359.0457

Salvation Army
P 904.301.4800

Clara White Mission (Men & Vets Only)
613 West Ashley Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
P 904.354.4162

Janitorial & Culinary Programs; Transitional Housing; Employment Opportunities

Trinity Mission
P 904.355.1205

Liberty Center
P 904.353.2888

Community Connections (Women Only)
P 904.354..6681

Southeast New Start Transitional Housing Inc.

9171 Parker Ave
Jacksonville, FL – 32218
(904) 757-1441 Neven for general information
(904) 881-8321 Eddie for referrals
Adult men only – housing up to 90 men
500/month or 150/week
Requies $1250 up front – covers 2 mths rent and $250 security deposit
We provide housing for newly released inmates.
We accept sex offenders/predators and regular offenders as well. Call for more information. 904-250-4730 or 904-234-5437

Jacksonville Reentry Center (JREC)

1024 Superior Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 301-2400 (phone)
(904) 384-8365 (fax)

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