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Baltimore City Project P.L.A.S.E., Men & Womens Facility

Hello, Some of our visitors have emailed us,requesting Maryland Sex Offender One Stop Resource, to help locate housing for this individual. If you know of any housing resource available, would you please kindly email us, or the person know? We did findĀ  a new resource today and would like to share it with you. Organization: […]

Maryland Transitional Housing Update

Maryland Transitional Housing Update We just been notified of a Transitional House in Baltimore Maryland that offers Housing to Sex Offenders. Transitional House V.O.A.C.-5000 E Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21205 The Volunteers Of America Chesapeake center is a HALF-WAY house that does send a lot of inmates-now called ‘residents’-to this center that have sex offenses […]

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