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Maryland Transitional Housing Update

Maryland Transitional Housing Update

We just been notified of a Transitional House in Baltimore Maryland that offers Housing to Sex Offenders.

Transitional House V.O.A.C.-5000 E Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21205

The Volunteers Of America Chesapeake center is a HALF-WAY house that does send a lot of inmates-now called ‘residents’-to this center that have sex offenses and is supposed to be also a Transitional House (up to 180 days) for those who can get approval via their parole officer coordinating with that person’s case manager after their official BOP release date.  The VOAC is the largest of it’s kind in this region and most of the residents coming hear(anywhere from a few months up to 9 months or more) are from the Washington DC/MD/VA region.  If you need anymore information their number is 410-276-5880.  I hope this bit of info will help you out.  We need all the help we can get.  God Bless all of you!

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  1. Still waiting on new and updated housing

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