Florida Ordinances

Read toward the end of this page for the state wide restrictions outline in PDF.

Florida Laws And Related Information

Florida Registration and Related Sex Offender Laws

The following reflect Florida registration and related laws as of 2014.

Florida Registration Qualifying Offenses

Listed below are the criminal offenses proscribed in Florida registration statutes for which registration is required in addition to similar offenses or registration requirements in another jurisdiction. See registration statutes for complete criteria for registration:
Updated: December 6, 2015 — 10:34 pm

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  1. Name: Jeff

    What may we assist you with?: Greetings,
    I have just found your website and appreciate your gracious efforts to help with some very difficult issues sex offenders face daily. I’m a registered sex offender in Broward county since 2000.
    I am married and have a 3 year old son. We are expecting our second child in October.
    I am looking at homes for my family, and have done research with radial survey maps in plantation. We Believe the home we found is outside any boundary restrictions to schools, daycare and parks.
    Based on plantations 2500 ft restriction, we hope this home is for us. My question is, before we commit to it, how do I verify it with the city? Police department, clerks office? I would appreciate any assistance you could offer.
    Kind regards,

    1. Jeff, what I would tell you, is from my reference, the county of Brevard, for instance has a website, that has a map that you can enter in your address, and it will give you the opportunity to measure how far that property is from where you think a park, playground or school is located. Once I remember the name of it I will reply on here. Also, other suggestions would be, view the google maps, type in … park near me, school near me, playground near me, daycare near me, etc… which will give you some sort of idea how far that home is away. Please realize though, it will give you distance by travel, not by a bird flies. Please contact the local sheriffs office as they would be the one that would give you a problem if you are too close. I wish you well on your home.

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