Month: June 2016

Polygraph Requirement Violates Registrant’s 5th Amendment Rights

In September of 2015 SOSEN printed an article about parole and probation Within that article the author pointed out some of the myths that parole and probation (PNP) and sometimes even the court uses to increase the loss of civil liberties beyond their constitutionally legal boundaries. It pointed out problems probation and even the […]

US Dept of Justice Report backs up advocates claims of ineffective registration policies

Posted by fac-admin on June 7, 2016 in Articles, Featured Articles | 2 comments A July report issued by the US Department of Justice’s SMART office (Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking) backed up most of what advocacy groups such as the Florida Action Committee have been saying for years; that […]

Sex Offenders Rally to Fight Discriminatory Laws

Loaded on FEB. 2, 2016 by Mark Wilson published in Prison Legal News February, 2016, page 18 Filed under: Sex Offender Registration, Sex Offenders (Discrimination), Sex Offender Residence, Advocacy, Release and Reentry, Parole Conditions, Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. Location: United States of America. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on G+ […]

Applying for Restoration of Civil Rights

Clemency Applying for Restoration of Civil Rights (RCR), Pardon, Firearm Authority, and Other Forms of Clemency When an application for any form of clemency is received in the Office of Executive Clemency, it is screened for eligibility regarding the required time frames for the various offenses and the accompanying required certified court documents are reviewed. […]

Interested in being a plaintiff in our internet identifier challenge?

Posted by fac-admin on June 2, 2016 Our attorneys are still screening potential plaintiffs for our Internet Identifier challenge which will be filed next month. We are looking to intake as many prospective plaintiffs as possible. If you are (a) no longer on probation/parole, (b) committed an offense prior to the passage of the restriction […]

Former Offender Re-Entry Programs and Resources in Florida

 This is a list of resources for ex-offenders in Florida to get help them reintegrate back into society by helping them find jobs, housing, and develop work skills. Ex-offenders face a variety of barriers as they attempt to re-enter society after serving their prison sentence. Individuals with criminal backgrounds often find it difficult to obtain […]

Jill Barger Law Firm

Jill Barger, Attorney At Law, is a sponsor of the Sex Offender One Stop Resource website. We would like to tell you a bit about her and invite you to check out her website and if there is any services you may need, she may be able to assist you. Jill Barger is an […]

Area communities tighten their grip on sex offenders

 [WITH FAC COMMENTS] Posted by fac-admin on July 6, 2015 in Articles, Featured Articles | 1 comment (REPOSTED FROM THE FAC) Off U.S. 27 and just east of the Williston city limits sits a quiet, rural neighborhood of manufactured homes on tree-lined streets. The rigid, vinyl-sided homes are surrounded by yards, some littered with kids’ […]

Broward & Dade County Housing Resource

This is a new post, from Sex Offender One Stop Resource, that a new Offender Housing Resource has been added to our website. Project SOAR Recovery Residences LLC 1231-1235 NE 15TH Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 800.922.0381 (toll fee) 954.900.9980 (local) Visit: Connect with us on Facebook: Please dont forget to add Sex Offender One […]