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ABBOTT LOOP SOCIAL SERVICES: A faith-based, transitional home for financially
unstable, homeless men. This four-plex has the capacity to house 12 men. Applicants must
interview for spaces and are required to obtain employment within 28 days of entering the
program. The maximum stay is 24 months. Food, clothing, employment counseling and referral
services are provided. Laundry facility and recreational room are on-site.

BEACON HILL: A faith-based, transitional home located in Anchorage operated by Anchorage
Christian Center Church. The four fully furnished guest units are designed as apartments for
women with children. Beacon Hill has the capacity to house four single mothers and their
children (32 beds). In order to qualify for housing, women must be referred by a church, nonprofit,
or government agency. Guests pay $500 per month and stays are limited to three months
with possible month-to-month extensions. Each guest will have a case manager and support
family to assist in transitioning into permanent housing.

CHANYLUT : A residential facility modeled after the highly successful Delancey Project in
San Francisco. (Chanylut is an Athabascan word that translates into “new beginnings.”) The
home, located in Mountain View, can house up to 20 males. Chanylut is funded by a grant
procured by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) for $513,000 in 2006. Residents commit for a
minimum of two years and must abide by three rules: no violence; no threats; and no alcohol or
drug use. The community style living environment is free of charge to residents and provides
room, board and clothing; life skills training; vocational training; and hands-on work experience.
Chanylut does not accept offenders convicted of sex crimes or arson.

EAGLE CREST: A transitional home operated by the Salvation Army located on 9th Avenue in
downtown Anchorage. (Eagle Crest was formerly a hotel near Merrill Field that was donated by
the Municipality of Anchorage to the Salvation Army and relocated to its present 9th Avenue
site.) It provides low cost, temporary housing in shared living quarters and can accommodate 76
guests in single, shared, or dormitory rooms. Guests must be over age 19 and possess adequate
identification. Residents may stay for 24 months. Room rates range from $280 monthly for dorm
room to $380 for a single room. Eagle Crest is staffed 24 hours, shared kitchen facilities, laundry
facilities, assigned mailboxes, and bedding is provided. Probation and parole officers must first
contact the manager and recommend individuals for housing.

HOMEWARD BOUND: A 25-bed transitional living facility in Mountain View primarily for
residents seeking a way out of chronic alcoholism and homelessness. Residents are provided
with substance abuse and mental health treatment, offered transitional housing, employment
assistance, mental health counseling, gender specific services for men and women, reintegration
activities, volunteer work, individual and group counseling and life skills classes.
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INGRA HOUSE: A 3-story rooming house in Anchorage that rents rooms on a daily and
weekly basis. The 40 rooms share three kitchens and six bathrooms. A laundry facility is on-site.
Rooms are handicapped accessible and come fully furnished with a bed, linens, table and chairs,
built-in wardrobes, refrigerator, and kitchen utensils. Each room has 27” televisions with digital
cable offering 110 channels and 7 HBO channels.

MCKINNELL HOUSE: The Salvation Army McKinnell House is the only facility in
Anchorage that provides shelter for two-parent families or singe parenting fathers. McKinnell
House is designed to be a 30-day emergency shelter, but residents may be extended until
permanent housing is secured. Each adult works with a case manager to formulate a plan that
will help the family successfully move into independent housing. Services include a food pantry,
financial assistance for medical prescriptions and clothing. Case management services continue
six months after moving on to independent living. McKinnell House is available for newly
released federal prisoners in Anchorage.

NEW HOPE: A transitional home for women with the mission of providing safe, sober and
affordable housing. The New Hope transition home is a faith-based environment for women 18
years and older who are being released from prison. New Hope opened in December, 2009 in a
home off Muldoon Road with the capacity to house 18 females. Residents pay monthly. All
rooms are fully furnished and completely equipped with house wares and linens. Laundry
facilities are provided. The goal of New Hope is to move residents toward self-sufficiency and
pro-social living, assisting them with a successful reintegration back into society. Services
include an individualized action plan as well as a relapse prevention plan, employment
preparation and job search, community mentors, support groups and spiritual growth resources.

NEW LIFE DEVELOPMENT INC. (NLDI): Faith-based housing operated by Anchorage
Gospel Rescue Mission. The Ex-offender Re-entry Housing Program’s (ERHP) target population
is men and women who do not pose a present threat of danger and have been recently released
from a correctional facility. NLDI provides services to 20 ex-offenders (20 men and 12 women)
for a period of 6-24 months. Services include providing clients with wraparound services,
substance abuse counseling, employment training, parenting/family reunification classes, life
skills, financial counseling, spiritual counseling, anger management courses, and legal counsel.
ERHP completion will be the participant’s establishment of permanent housing. Residents must
complete an extensive application for admission. NewLife provides an intensive recovery
environment where residents are expected to work voluntarily and are liable for all their own
medical treatment. Residents pay $450 per month.


OREGON HOUSE: A privately-owned boarding house located in Spenard. The emphasis of Oregon House is to provide safe, sober, structured, positive living environment with lots of accountability. Not all residents of Oregon House are offenders. Comfortable, private rooms with TV/cable, phone, and common kitchen area rent for $500 per month with a $200 deposit.

OXFORD HOUSES OF ALASKA: Oxford Houses are democratically run, self-supporting homes free of drugs and alcohol. The Oxford Housing model (designed in 1975) allows residents to run the completely sober house. Residents are expected to contribute their fair share of the household expenses. Three Oxford Houses currently operate in Anchorage all of which house only men. A typical Oxford House in Alaska has 7 to 10 residents. Each house is totally independent of the others and of Oxford House, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that serves as the umbrella organization provides the network that connects all Oxford Houses from its headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland. The goal of Oxford House, Inc. is to provide all recovering alcoholics and drug addicts the opportunity to develop comfortable sobriety without relapse. Residents must be voted into the cooperative and comply with rules that include sobriety and no disruptive behavior. Oxford Houses accept felons.

SAFE HARBOR INN: Two hotels in Anchorage operated by Anchor Arms, Inc., a non-profit whose mission is to provide safe, secure, comfortable, dignified transitional lodging for homeless families and individuals—especially those with disabilities, particularly mental disabilities who are clients of local social service agencies, health care organizations, job training and employment organizations. The goal is to assist residents to get back on their feet, and move on to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. The average length of stay is 102 days. Rooms in the hotels have 2 double beds, full bathrooms, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, cable TV (free from GCI), and keycard security. Residents must be referred by their social service agency. No walk-ins are allowed. Room rates are $400 per month. Residents may stay as long as their referring agency continues their referral and they are abiding by house rules which prohibit alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises. Safe Harbor Merrill Field has 55 rooms and Safe Harbor Muldoon has 50 rooms.

  • Abbott Loop, Men Employment
  • Chanylut,  Men Referrals only
  • Eagle Crest, Men & Women $380 month single room Referrals for exoffenders
  • Homeward Bound, Men & Women  Referrals only
  • Ingra House, Men & Women 40 rooms
  • McKinnell House, Families/Men w/children 45 or 6 families
  • New Hope Females 18 $500 Accepted prerelease only
  • New Life Dev Men/Women 20 $450 month Referrals only
  • Oregon House Men/Women $500
  • Oxford House Denali House Men 7-10 $425-500 mo Acceptance by residents
  • Oxford House Northern Lts Men 7-10 $425-500 mo Acceptance by residents
  • Oxford House Yukon House Men 7-10 $425-500 mo Acceptance by residents
  • Safe Harbor Muldoon Men/Women 50 rooms/ $400 Referral required


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