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Alaska Legal Services Corporation 272-9431
1016 W. 6th Ave., Ste 200
Helps low-income individuals. Priority given to entitlement, health benefit, family law (divorce, custody, domestic violence), housing, rights of the elderly, and Alaska Native rights cases.

Alaska Native Justice Center 793-3550
3600 San Jeronimo Dr., Ste 264
Legal advocacy services, technical assistance, referrals, one-on-one education for victims or defendants in the Alaska justice and child welfare systems. Promotes justice through culturally based advocacy, prevention.

Alaska Immigration Justice Project 279-2457
431 W. 7th Ave., Ste 208
Provides low-cost legal services for all immigration applications, including citizenship, permanent resident status, work permits, family petitions, and petitions for domestic violence victims.

Catholic Social Services 276-5590
3710 E. 20th Ave.
Cash assistance, medical coverage and case management services for eligible individuals. Basic services are provided at a nominal fee: assistance with work permits, green cards and naturalizations.Consultations provided.

Covenant House Alaska (Catholic Social Services) 339-4430
Community Service Center
750 W. 5th Ave.
Legal Street Program- Free legal information and assistance for youth. Call for schedule.

Disability Law Center 565-1002
3330 Arctic Blvd., Ste 103
Represents disabled individuals on issues related to their disability.
Municipal Prosecutors Office 343-4250
Victim Witness Coordinator is point of contact for victims of crime.

Office of Elder Fraud & Assistance 334-4989
900 W. 5th Ave. Ste 525
Addresses all forms of financial exploitation and coordinating related services for Alaska population. Goal is to ensure that every elder victim who wants assistance receives it from existing sources and
when unavailable to provide individual civil representation.

MOA Equal Rights Commission 343-4342
632 W. 6th Ave., Ste 110
Investigates complaints of discrimination, educates the community about the laws prohibiting discrimination, and provides referral services.

American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska 276-2258
1057 W. Fireweed Lane, Ste 207
The ACLU of Alaska and the ACLU of Alaska Foundation are non-partisan organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of civil liberties in Alaska. The former fulfills its mission through legislative
advocacy, coalition building, and grassroots advocacy. The latter pursues the same mission through public education and legal action.

Anchorage Community Police Relations Task Force
(Municipal Equal Rights Commission) 343-4342
632 W. 6th Ave. Ste 110

Monitors incidents involving minority citizens and Anchorage Police Department (APD) and serves as a liaison between the minority community, citizens and APD.

Anchorage Community Diversity Advisory Commission
(Municipal Office of Equal Opportunity) 343-4897
632 W. 6th Ave., Ste 620
Increases awareness and appreciation for racial and ethnic diversity, hears and reviews public concerns and makes recommendations to the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity.

Alaska State Commission for Human Rights 274-4692
800 A Street, Ste 204

Case LawAlaska Supreme Court Opinions (General Appeals).
Alaska Supreme Court Opinions from Thomson West

Alaska Court of Appeals Opinions (Criminal Appeals)

Alaska Workers’ Compensation Decisions and Orders

U.S. Supreme Court Opinions from 1906 by FindLaw.

U.S. Supreme Court Opinions from 1990 by Cornell’s LII

Other Federal Case Law

Statutes, Regulations and Rules

Alaska Statutes

Alaska Administrative Code

Alaska Court Rules, Orders, Etc.

U S District Court, District of Alaska

Alaska Bankruptcy Court

Local Bankruptcy Rules
and other Bankruptcy Information


Alaska Constitution

Alaska Constitutional Convention Minutes

U.S. Constitution


News and Analysis by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Further EPIC Analysis (PDF)


Additional Alaska Legal Resources


Federal Legal Resources

Senator Ted Stevens

Senator Lisa Murkowski

Congressman Don Young

Legal Resources on the Internet

Alaska Bar Association Information

Web Search Engines and Directories

The Avalon Project: Ancient Law Documents and Major Document Collection

Special Interest Items

Legal Services

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