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  1. I’m a registered sex offender level 3 and cannot find housing please help call at 4793132549 asap

  2. My son is also a level 3 looking for housing.

  3. I’m trying to find a place for my brother.

  4. Beware. Washington County frequently claims exclusions that do not exist, such as daycare facilities. I highly suggest you look at the DHS website and print off a map of currently licensed daycares to compare with WCSO’s Det. Marsh. He will flat out lie to you in a directly discriminatory effort.

  5. I’m looking for houseing in Washington county but live in Dallas tx please text me asap 9722777415

  6. I am looking for housing for my son. He is a level 2 sex offender and will also be looking for work that will hire an offender.

  7. I am a level 2 sex offender looking for a place to live in Washington County, Arkansas. I have been on parole for a year now.

  8. I am a level 2 and I cannot find a place that will rent to me. Do you have a list of places that might give me a chance? I am trying to find a place in Washington county

  9. I need to find an apartment that will rent to me. I am a level 2. Please help me.

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