Sex Offender Registration Law Tier Information

We do not use the tier system so you would be assessed by Arkansas standards.

Only if you were assessed as a level 3 or 4 would you have a restriction on where you reside.

We do a community notification on all level 3 and 4 offenders, some level 2 offenders as well.

All level 3 and 4 offenders appear on our state website.

You would be required to pay a $250. Registration fee and $250. DNA fee.

Kathy L. Smith

Sex Offender Registry Coordinator

Arkansas Crime Information Center

322 Main Street, Suite 615

Little Rock, AR 72202

501-682-7439 Office

501-683-5592 FAX

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  1. Where do I find a job that doesn’t discriminate against me for being on the registry? And what about the housing? Many apartments would rent to me, a level two, But the neighbors get mail outs.

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