Pulaski Sex Offender Housing Resources

Arkansas C.U.R.E Little Rock (501) 519- 0064 phone is for messages only The state chapter of an international grassroots organization dedicated to reducing crime through reform of the criminal justice system.

Arkansas Department of Career Education 1401 Main Street North Little Rock (501) 833- 1490 Provides education and employment support for Arkansans with felony backgrounds and diagnosed disabilities.

Arkansas Time After Time P O Box 10074 Russelville (501) 444- 2828 Local chapter of a national advocacy group dedicated to addressing issues specific to registered sex offenders

Brennan Re-Entry Corp. P O Box 25231 Little Rock (501) 681- 0902 870-643-9455 Brennan Re-Entry Program Management works with state and local agencies by employing ex-offenders to realize structural rehabilitation and/or building trades.

Center for Women in Transition P O Box 3461 Little Rock (501) 372- 5522 Helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women successfully transition back into society. Offering programs and services that assist women in leading lives of self worth, self reliance and self discipline.

Chance Sobriety 12127 Gabriel Lane North Little Rock (501) 851- 8484 Long term treatment with work program. Client must be able to work or have a job. Program will transport client to and from work as needed. Sex offenders welcome. Residential program: $200 Admission, $700 per month

City of Faith 1401 South Garfield Little Rock (501) 615- 1090 Transitional housing facility for men and women released from Federal Prison.

Firm Foundation Ministries 220 East Broadway North Little Rock (501) 945- 7412 Men’s homeless shelter and halfway house. Day labor and job placements for residents ONLY

Goodwill Industries Reentry Services Program 1110 West 7th St. Little Rock (501) 372- 5100 Assistance for reentering citizens with issues such as record expungement, restitution planning, job readiness training, housing and transportation. Also available is the Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) program: a 16 week, paid training program

Gyst House 8101 Frenchmans Lane Little Rock (501) 568- 1682 Coed long term treatment facility. Must not need detox and must be able to work. Does take parolees and court ordered clients. Fee: $250 entry fee

Mission Global Ministries 3719 East Broadway North Little Rock (501) 945- 0339 Men’s homeless shelter & halfway house for men on parole

Quality Living Center I 3925 Asher Ave Little Rock (501) 663- 3490 Men ONLY. Will accept levels 1 & 2 sex offenders

Quality Living Center II 2900 South Cedar St Little Rock (501) 663- 3490 Women ONLY. Will accept levels 1 & 2 sex offenders.

Recovery Centers of Arkansas 1201 River Road North Little Rock (501) 372- 4611 Long term treatment for men and women

Safe Harbor of Little Rock 4800 Springer Blvd Little Rock (501) 374- 5399 Transitional home for men with substance abuse issues.

Veteran’s Day Treatment Center 1000 Main St Little Rock (501) 244- 1900 Incarcerated veterans’ reentry program. Provides case management following release from prison. FOR VETERANS ONLY.

Pulaski Sex Offender Housing Resources

Sex Offender One Stop Resource Arkansas

Updated: November 5, 2016 — 1:25 pm


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  1. Why isn’t that a resource list for Washington county.

    1. Due to the fact that we do not have any resources available there at the moment.

  2. Hi my name is kelani and my brother was just approved for parole but has no where to parole to. He caught a charge 20 years ago that’s on his record and he is classified as a class 3 sex offender.

  3. Hello my name is Bonnie my son parole is coming up and he has now where to parole too his charge was Indecency with a child he failed to go to court he was 19 she was 15 and since he did not go to court they gave him a registered three which should have not been right but he has nowhere to go and I’m trying to find him a place can you help me I pray for this dreply !!!

    1. Sis you find a place. I am in the same position w my nephew

      1. This is an issue with violent offenders but mostly with sex offenders. To help me come with an ideal plan to help address this issue or even come with an active action plan to deal with this issue of having no where to once paroled or discharged of commitment sentence

    2. Hello Bonnie or anyone else facing this type confrontation of concern
      please email me @ cruzelt034@gmail.com

    3. My son needs help to parole to He is sex offender He is a number three only because he didn’t go to court he was 19 she was 15 I’m just looking for a halfway house for him to parole to please need help

      1. Hi bonnie did you find somewhere for your son I’m looking for a place for my brother he is in the same situation my email is lacole4@gmail.com

    4. Hey I was just wondering if you ever got any information on your question, because my brother is currently going through the same thing. I was wondering if you could help me.

  4. I am level 3 sex offender.I am 67 years old. My daughter lives in Fayetteville and I live in Texas. Want to move closer to my daughter. I am a veteran and praying you can help.

  5. HI I’m Alex looking for a place to move to I have a job and can pay rent we are a couple looking to rent I’m a level 3 with a hands off offens

  6. Hello my brother is looking for a place to porole to. Level 3 offence.Can you help.

  7. Where are there shelters in little rock Arkansas, that will take registered sex offenders who are homeless and looking for a new start in life. I’m planning on moving to your area. I’m planning on looking for a job as soon as I get there.

  8. CAn you help my brother,to parole out 2 level 3.he needs a place to go. Paroled out 10/2/2018

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