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  1. My son is a Registered Sex Offender. He dated a girl in high school, she was 15, he had turned 18. Two and half years later (no statue of limitation) her dad filed a complaint, he was charged, 6 months later he was indicted.

    He is currently looking for employment. He’s a brilliant young man with computer knowledge, sales, and marketing skills. He is willing to do manual labor (as he desperately needs a job.) I appreciate any feedback.
    Thank you.

    1. Jessica Stevenson

      I know many people in the same boat, society can be so crooked. Desert coating solutions on 35th ave and broadway hires felons and so forth, it is worth checking out. Good luck!!

    2. Bre, were you able to find something for your son. My son was convicted like your son for the same thing

  2. I know a young man who needs work..he is a hard worker he said he had dated a younger girl..I would just like to see him get a chance to work and feel better about himself..

  3. If he’s not opposed to the open road, I’d suggest truck driving. It’s great pay and has lots of career potential. I found a career there and so have other ex felons.

  4. I have heard for a very long time people looking for work but being unable due to their felony. If you’re not on paper, look into truck driving jobs. There is a huge shortage and some companies will over look the felony. Here is a link:
    Other job resource

  5. I Just wanted to post that many have come to me looking for employment while being an RSO. Truck driving is a great career with great pay. There are a few things to consider when applying like how long ago the felony was, are they violent, are you on paper. I have included links to help RSO job seekers.
    Top 10 Job Types for Registered Citizens

    These are the top 10 job types for registered citizens (Varies case by case)
    1. Unskilled Manual Labor (Day labor, janitorial, basic labor)
    2. Skilled Labor/ Trades (plumbing, home repairs, mechanics, maintenance),
    3. Retail/ Sales jobs (realtors, cashiers, grocery clerks, telemarketing),
    4. Manufacturing (assembly fine, factory work, warehousing),
    5. Restaurant Jobs (cook, server),
    6. Internet and Tech jobs (IT, computer repairs, web design),
    7. Construction,
    8. Customer Service (call/ help centers, store agents)
    9. Administration/ Clerical/ Office Jobs
    10. Transportation jobs (bus driver, deliveries, truck drivers)

    To give the reader a bit of insight on my research, I’m a level 3 RSO, off paper and have a job driving truck making enough for a car and a house. it is possible.

    1. Christopher,
      My brother is in the same situation. 13 years ago, in and out of jail, and is not hopeful for the future. However, I believe there is hope due to people like you. I will talk to him about this opportunity, and help him any way I can. Thank you for the inspiration. He really is a great loving dude. I know people who deserve less than him. Good job bud, you have conquered the world.

    2. Hi Christopher,

      I am a level 3 sex offender living in Delaware. I am looking to relocate to Arizona in the Phoenix/El Mirage area. Can you give me some pointers?

      I am currently a skilled handyman. I am excellent in Electrical wiring but do other things as well:

      Flooring, Tiling, Masonry, Plumbing, Framing, Drywall, Painting, etc.

      My current boss buys homes and fixes them up for rental or resale. I have no savings so I am looking for a place where I can trade my skills for housing until I am able to find employment.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we could talk one day if you need more info. Please let me know.

    3. May u please help me find a job between sun city and phx. I am a level 3

    4. I have no car but able to get a ride from family member. I am trying to save money for a car. Please help if able to

  6. Not sure that you are aware of Alhambra is closed! for long time now been closed down. Also, for recovering addicts who are Sex offenders, East Valley mens Center requires that you be detoxing, before intake elligible. So if you are fresh out of jail, sober, you have to go get high in order to have an intake there. Screw up your sobriety, so u can have a place to sleep at night.. i say we petition that to be changed!!!!1Atica!!!

  7. By the way, as a sex offender, truck driving is not acceptable as far as registerring when appointed to, cant always garantee that they will be in town on the registering date, nor as an address to give the registeration office. Most S/O have a surveilance officer that comes out to check the address on paper, if not at the address, the S/O can be violated. and that gives 10 years prison time.
    My uncle and i are about to go to trial because he was in the hospital for 2 weeks and was late, the day he go out the hospital, he was heading to go register and the cops pulled him over cuz he was injured and “suspicious” cuz he was injurred. They trying to give him 15 years for that. I am looking for a three/quarter sober house for him. He has his masonry and plumbing certs. but does not want to relapse after being in jail for past 8 months. I am bonding him out today and need to find sober housing so East valley mens services wont take him without drugs in his system?/!! thats a violation in so many ways

  8. I’m in need of a place for my son to rent. He is a ROS he’s very talented in construction brick and block.also builds stair cases.

  9. I am ex sex offenders second degree, of 35 years. I am non registered because in the 1980s when the registry started I had finished my probation. The probation officer told me I am lucky cuz I don’t have to register.
    Recently I’ve been trying to get into truck driving and have been constantly declined. Does anybody have any suggestions? I don’t know if the truck companies know about the stipulation. That sex offenders prior to the 1980s does not have to register. I’ve been clean for 35 years.

    1. Hi Wayne, I heard Amazon Tucson, distribution center is hiring delivery and truck drivers. Hope that helps. Sorry to hear about the issues, Stay focused and positive. I hope this isn’t offensive howeve God has a plan. Take care. I’m currently trying to find a good public defender and a reintroduction to society/program for a young man who started with drugs and a street life, He’s close to us. close to us. Wrongly arrested, No proof or DNA. No Miranda and much more. Very sad. A program would be great. Thank you all for believing in these folks.

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