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If this page is empty, please keep checking back. This is 2022, I am going to be working on locating more resources  and placing them on my website, asap.


Kokopelll Group Home, Mesa, AZ, Kevin WIlliams 480-438-2303 Rent $132.60 a week, furnished, not food. $130 Deposit refundable after 90 days , or after no longer residing after 1 week notice. (Verified on 2/28/2022)

Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries of Louisiana (New Orleans) has offender housing for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 sex offenders. (NOT JUST FOR VETERANS!)
(504) 3403429
Currently, we have vacancies in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. We accept sex offenders from all states. 504-340-3429 call and Text

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  1. I need help.I have recently found out that I do not have to register as a sex offender and quite possibly may have in fact never have had to in the first place. However I have not been able to successfully get off of the “Death List” as the authorities/Powers that be are not allowing me to be removed from said list. Further more they are taken the Law into their own hands and complicated my case.The Navajo County Sheriffs Sex Offenders Registration Officer is playing with what little time I have left to here on earth.She states that the “VERBAGE” used by a Federal Judge is wrong and that I am to remain on the “Death List”,however my federal court documents do not support anything that this Government Official is claiming.Please help.I am at my wits end I am extremely poor and am beyond my youthful productive life,as a proud Native American Indian,I have been denied entry into the Armed Services ,Fortune 500 employment,and/or even an Ivy League education. I do have two now young adult children that I have ABANDONED because I DID NOT & DO NOT WANT any harm to come on them due to the extremely harsh and often violent collateral back lash that often befalls People who are on this “Death List”There is more to this story but I do not know where to begin,primarily because extreme poverty,ignorance,being ostrisized ,estranged from family and friends, and black balled from employment. Living inand on a small closed community that being the Ft. Apache Indian Reservation this is a “Death Sentence.” All of this has brought me face to face with death many times weather it is at the hands of an angry mob,an ex-con,or even my own hands as this has been demoralizing,humiliating and very much shame based.I AM TIRED.Sad to say I may be a grandfather but I have yet to see my grandchild ,let alone my now young adult children,truely “Time is of the essence.”Please help!

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