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If this page is empty, please keep checking back. This is 2022, I am going to be working on locating more resources  and placing them on my website, asap.


Kokopelll Group Home, Mesa, AZ, Kevin WIlliams 480-438-2303 Rent $132.60 a week, furnished, not food. $130 Deposit refundable after 90 days , or after no longer residing after 1 week notice. (Verified on 2/28/2022)

Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries of Louisiana (New Orleans) has offender housing for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 sex offenders. (NOT JUST FOR VETERANS!)
(504) 3403429
Currently, we have vacancies in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. We accept sex offenders from all states. 504-340-3429 call and Text

Arizona Housing By County

Hello, thank you for visiting our site. We have a list of housing options here on our page that you may be interested in. Today is December 4, 2020, I am going to be verifying these listings in the next coming days and my plan is to have them readily available online as a downloadable PDF. Thank you! 

That is why we need YOU!

Please help us by sending us any information or resource that you feel that may be relevant to our cause. We would greatly appreciate it.

If you are looking for resources in a specific county, please navigate to the top of our page where it lists the county in alphabetical order. Click on that page, and you will navigate to that county’s official page.

Thank you for visiting our website.


Possible Rent to Sex Offenders

Kokopelll Group Home, Mesa, AZ, Kevin WIlliams 480-438-2303 Rent $132.60 a week, furnished, not food. $130 Deposit refundable after 90 days , or after no longer residing after 1 week notice. (Verified on 2/28/2022)

New Windsor Hotel, 546 W Adams St, Phx. 85003 602-254-8694 (Verified on 12/4/2020)

State Motor Lodge, 3810 E Van Burn St, Phoenix. 602-244-8750 (Verified on 12/4/2020)

RSI – 1539 East Monroe Street, PHX, 85034  602-644-1826 Level 1 (Nancy) (Verified on 12/4/2020)

Citrus Inn 524 W Main St, Mesa 85201 480-833-9810 $75.00 night  (Verified on 12/4/2020)

Chad Cluff – Property manager East Valley Mesa/ Gilbert     (Verified on 12/4/2020)  480-252-4576 

Westernaire Motel, 5414 Main St, Mesa 85205 480-985-9944 $65~ night  (Verified on 12/4/2020)

Legacy Suites 8225 W McDowell Rd, Phx 85035 (623) 388-6950  (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Legacy Suites 1204 N 91st Ave, Tolleson 85353 623-388.6950  (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Studios, 1609 W Latham St, Pk. 602-702-9041 contact George $450.00 includes util.  (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Stapley Manor Apts. 819 S Stapley Dr, Mesa 85204 480-414-5382 zoned Commercial  (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

El Captan Lodge Motel 24 N Paw St, Men 85201 480-964-0881                      (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Plainsman Motel, 1338 W Mein St, Mesa 85201 480.964-4903 $70.00 night  (Verified on 12/4/2020)

Alhambra Hotel 43 S Macdonald, Mesa 85210 zoned commercial $120 a week $450.00 a month 480- 490-2090 (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Coronado Hotel, 807 N 1st St, Phx. 85004 602-262-9474  (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

El Ranchito, 3060 Grand Ave. contact Ron Warner 602-696-5283 studios $135 week 1 bdrm $165 a week & Kitchenette 3239 E Van Buren (owner Dave Blau) (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Budget Lodge Motel, 8617 N Black Canyon Hwy Phx. 85021 602-995-9500 (Not Verified on 12/4/2020)

Las Palmas Hotel 765 Grand Ave, Pint. 85007 602-256-9161 (Verified Number is disconnected on 12/4/2020)

PROGRAMS/Rents Rooms

Dave Fraley Amigos House, Glendale 602-549-1060 $135.00 a week $585 month, multiple locations, Phoenix.  (Verified on 12/4/2020)

Redeemed Outreach Center 2210 E Taylor st, PHOENIX, Arizona 85006 (480-800-1635)

Set Free Ministries  (480) 450-2491 faith based, first 4 months, leave escorted only. 8 to 12 month program. Zoned C-3. (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020) Website

Womens single family residence 2014 W Monroe St Phx. Contact Jennifer  602-507-0477 (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020)

South Mtn Supervisory Care, 6420 S 22nd St, Phx. 85040 Mary Plank 602-276-3883 (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020)

New Dimension House 1838 E Cypress St, Phx. 85006,  Steven – Level 1 or 2, recovering from drugs and alcohol only, contact  602-367-6626  (Verified on 12/4/2020) 

James Ledbetter (owner), rents rooms at 6019 N 51st Ave, 1521 W McKinley & has apts. on westside. 602-695-3500 (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020)

Singleton Properties; @ Brookfield Apt 6545 N 19’h Ave Phx 602-626-4150 Shared 1 bdrm apartments for SMI (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020)

Jacobs Journey House/ Shelter, 2051 E APACHE BLVD, TEMPE 602-754.6558 contact Sheryl or Geri  (CALLED 12/4/2020, Number was disconnected)

East Valley Men’s Center, 2345 N Country Club Dr, Mesa 85201 480-610-6722 or 800-799-7739  (Pending Verification on 12/4/2020)

Arizona  Housing For Sex Offenders by Sex Offender One Stop Resource


Arizona Sex Offender One Stop Resource

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  1. Please help! My husband was injured while working at the rv park we live at ( rent and electric are his pay.) When he told the manager he was going to have to file workman comp, he got fired and evicted. My husband is a level 2 sex offender who is not an parole or probation and we can’t find any place besides hotels that we can live.

    1. Contact cluff property management 480 309 5100 they work with owners that rent to sex offenders I have personally used there service and would recommend the company they were quick and discreet good luck

      1. Charles Michael Yeager

        I need to find a 3 bdr home if possible rent to own

    2. Contact cluff property management 480 309 5100 they work with owners that rent to sex offenders I have personally used there service and would recommend the company they were quick and discreet good luck

    3. What RV park were u at my husband is a sex offender

  2. My fiancé and I are relocating to Flagstaff in the next three weeks. We are having trouble finding housing, as he has a 2nd degree child molestation conviction. In 2012 he entered an Alford Plea, allowing him to maintain his innocence while acknowledging that a jury could convict him.

    He served his time and community custody. He also paid out-of-pocket for two years of sex offender treatment, from which he received a shining recommendation to the courts from his treatment doctor, showing he is not a danger to minors unsupervised. The courts agreed.

    He also immediately began paying child support when he was released from prison in 2913, and has paid $500 to $700 per month for the last two years. Since his conviction, he has been rated as a Level 1 offender, which carries the lowest risk to reoffend. He currently has unsupervised weekly visits with his two children.

    Unfortunately, we are in a battle with his ex wife, who was withholding visits long before his conviction, and has used this conviction to her advantage at every turn. She has now moved the kids to Flagstaff. We live in Washington State. She is attempting to move the kids far enough away that he won’t be able to have a relationship with them.

    For that reason, we are following her to Flagstaff. I have a permanent fixed income; a pension I receive from the death of my husband. It is $3700 per month, plus both he and I work full time. We have excellent rental history for the last 4 years, with two landlords who know our story and will vouch for us. Any ideas on how to find a place to rent where we won’t be turned away immediately based solely on his conviction?

  3. Does anyone know who will rent to two level one sex offenders? And that will allow pets my husband need a service animal.

  4. Valentina D Potter

    People should find out how the person became sex offenders. For example my son was 21 years old and was in the military. He had answered an add on the adult site from a woman wanting to meet a man in the military. My son answered the advertisement. Talked with the person who put the ad for a couple of weeks then they decided to meet. What my son didn’t know he was being set up by military investigator called AFOSI. The OSI talked sexual entrapment to the innocent man what the like for sexual fantasy. Then they encouraged the man to buy condoms. Before they meet the AFOSI changed the whole scene. By the way I’m only 14 year old girl. My son told the AFOSI he does not want to meet. The AFOSI keep calling my son. Finally my son said that he will only meet to go to movie and eat dinner and be friends. When he got to the meeting place 6 policemen there to arrest him. He was in the military and they let my son come and go freely for a whole year and did investigations. I don’t know what the investigations for because they know what happened. They are the ones that set up the whole Sting operations. Because my son went to the meeting place he went to the military confinement prison for 15 months and now he has a sex offender record. A Sting Operation set up. My son did admit he should not have gone. He felt like the girl needed someone to talk to and be a friend with that was why he went. I know now a days it is hard to believe that somebody only have good intention to another individual. We believe that all people are bad especially with a young man and an underage girl. My son go out with a girl his age for a whole year during this time and they are just friends with each other. No sexual relationship. So all sexual offenders are not sexual offenders. So please examine each case because on some occasions the man are just victims of Sting Operations game. Game to the police invistigations but serious life and future criminal record for the innocent unfortunate young man. These make the family and the young man feel helpless to fight. Because it has to do with a grown man and underage young girl it is hard to win against this case. Even it is not real, it is treated as a reality. It is the sign of the time, that we live in.

    1. Funny same thing happened to me a few months ago here in It was a sting that got 27 men. I’ve never been arrested. I’m 60 yrs old. Raised my kids, was a school bus driver. Had home land sec. Cleanence, FBI clearance. Now my whole life is a battle. I fill for your son. Did you know the youngest on the list has a S O. 9 yr old little boy was convicted and charged for playing doctor with is sister. That’s true.

  5. Does anyone who of a place that will rent to a level 3 sex offender and and who is a level 1 sex of that has been off parole and has not had any more problems with offending that can pay up to $550.00 the first month of rent that is not a motel cand will allow pets?

    1. There is a place out in Phoenix AZ that excepts any level of sex offenders. The company name is 2 Luv 1 Another. The owner’s name is Sonya and the office number is (602)975-6859 Ext. 102. Address is 2222 N. 24th Street Phoenix Arizona 85006. She has many property’s all over the Valley.

      1. DJ Janette Wilson

        I’m trying to relocate my family to Phoenix for my job.
        My boyfriend is below level 1 s.o.
        We have multiple pet, will anyone rent to us..?
        My job is on hold until we can find a place so our income is very limited until I get back to work.
        Can anyone help me…?????

  6. Hello, my daughter is a female looking for a place to live. She was just released from prison and needs a place. Family willing to pay $500 a month until she can get employment. Please help must be in AJ. No drugs or weapons. She is 30 years old, doesn’t drink or use drugs. Looking for a fresh start when hope is almost gone.

  7. I am trying to help my ex/daughters father find a place to live. He is a level 1 and has not had ANY other offenses and the offense happened almost 10 years ago. I’ve gotten kicked out of a lot of places after they found out he was living with me, if it didnt happen that way I’d let him in with me but since we have a almost 2 year old together so obviously I cant be getting kicked out amymore

  8. I am looking for a place for my son. He will be coming out of prison June 4th as a level 3 sex offender. He will have a job. Looking for a room or a transitional home. Mesa/ Apache junction if possible. If anyone knows of anything coming available please let me know. Thank you

  9. I’m a level 3 .. due to a charge 20 years ago. I’m 49 now and a business owner. My company made $150k last year and yet I’m unable to aquire a decent place to live. I live in Tucson Arizona and everything I’ve found has been in area’s that I wouldn’t even be able to park my work truck due the crackheads steeling . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Jenghiz Kn Stewart

    I am a level three registered sex offender whose offense was over 25 years ago and needs to find a place near my job at 43 Ave and Camelback. I am looking to rent a studio or 1bfrm apartment preferably utilities included. I can afford a decent tent for a decent place to live.
    Please let me know.
    God bless

  11. I am a level 2 sex offender . I am looking for a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house for me and my family. I am in Tucson Arizona. Hopefully we can get a nice home at a good rental rate. If you know someone that can help us out ? Please let us know.

  12. Robert E Wheeler Jr

    I’m a level 3 sex offender living in Nevada. I’m looking to relocate to Arizona to be close to my son and his family. Like most that I have read on this site, I’m having trouble finding a place that will except SO’s. Like in one of the previous messages. I feel that people should treat each case on it’s own merit, and not judge all sex offences the same. Not all of use are bad people. We made a mistake and paid the price for it by going to prison. I spent 20 yrs. in the NDOC. I feel I’ve been judged and convicted all over again just trying to find a place to live.

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