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Kokopelll Group Home, Mesa, AZ, Kevin WIlliams 480-438-2303 Rent $145 a week, furnished, not food. $130 Deposit refundable after 90 days , or after no longer residing after 1 week notice. (Verified on 08/08/2023)

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  • Arizona Chapter of Reform Sex Offender Laws – The Arizona Chapter of Reform Sex Offender Laws (AZRSOL) is committed to reforming the sex offender laws in the state of Arizona to something that makes more sense.
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  1. My GOD what a horrible situation I have found myself in!!! After reading the messages on here I have come to realize even more that people like us are doomed! I just released from federal prison 4 weeks ago after 10 years to Tucson, AZ., I have a bachelor degree in business, have only had 2 jobs that lasted 20 years and I have found myself alone, homeless, and jobless and no where to turn. I sure hope that more people come to their senses and start helping us out. One would think that the “public” would want us all housed and working and not wondering the streets. I hope you ALL find what you are looking for, we do not deserve this sort of treatment. Especially after serving our time. What has this world come to?

    1. Yes I agree
      My husband sex offense was 30 years ago age 18 sex with 15 year old
      We can’t find a place to rent to us and our children
      He has no other “offense” crime he works he goes to church etc
      None of it matters
      I can not believe this is how it is

      Do you have any idea where we can rent?
      Or if he registers as homeless will he have GPS on him?
      How does registering as homeless work?
      This is all too scary and other than pitching a tent in the middle of the desert and using that as his address I am out of options!

    2. hopefully things will get better,never give up,yes the way the world treats you guys ,is wrong

      1. We need to reach out & find people in our situation put our money together to buy property at safe distance from schools & playgrounds.

        1. I do agree it there must be some thing done even if we can change the law there has to be someplace we can buy land so a if a person who has money real money. Makes it a better for you people forget sometimes we are only human ad the law needs to drop labels on people

    3. I don’t get it. A murderer can get housing help easily but a sex offender can’t ? My son had just literally turned 18 in 2001 and was wrongfully set up and charged with touching a miner child under the age of 7.. now here it is 22 yrs later and is now a level 3 only because of being in prison 4 times and only one charge had anything to do with his original charge and he spent 2 1/2 yrs in prison for violating probation. He has been beaten, raped and seriously tortured for something he did not do… Now the mother of that child recently admitted in writing on messenger that he was set up from the beginning.. people are so messed up…. and trying to find housing is next to impossible….in 2007 I moved 8 times in less than 3 yrs to keep him from being homeless… the people of AZ can get housing if they had been or are ” a
      Thief a money laundering for GTA for attempted murder for murder ect. But a sex offender cannot at

      1. I know the feeling I’ve moved bout 8 times in 2 years cause of my husbands charges that he was falsely convicted of. No one wants to rent to us we been living in motels hopping from motel to motel and now we getting evicted from the motel we’re at cuz of a flyer that states the wrong convictions first of all and was falsely convicted of. I been with him 24 years I have children with him never once did I believe he ever did any of it. No physical evidence he past Polly graph and still got convicted. He is an innocent man that wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He’s got the biggest heart ever but because someone wanted to destroy his life and made a false story up his life is falling apart and I am first to see it. I hate the system.

    4. Why not give us the death penalty? I feel that the American people I’m more into torture that Mercy. They congratulate hate, when it comes to sex offenders. Involuntary gave 27 years of my life. I too have a bachelor’s degree in information technology and now I’m either too old or a sex offender. Jesus Christ is my only savior no matter what they say I’ll never believe in the American way of life.

    5. Used to be a person served their time and no more punishment needed but now people wanna continue to punish exin.ated, especially sex offenders. People look at you different,treat you different. It’s not fair and it passes me off and I’m not even a sex offender.

  2. I’m looking for a place to rent. I’am a level one sex offender from Washington state I’am moving to Tucson Arizona to be with my wife.

  3. Christopher. I’am looking for a place to stay in Tucson Arizona. I’m moving here from Washington state. I’am a level 1 sex offender. My wife lives here. I want to be with her.thank u

  4. Am looking for a 2 BR apartment near 85705, Tucson Arizona. Please help, I am in desperate need. Thank you

  5. Am looking for a 2 BR apartment near 85705, Tucson Arizona. Please help, I am in desperate need. Thank you

  6. I have lived at my apartment for 14 years plus, and a new neighbor above me is harassing me since she moved in 6 months ago, due to my SO status. I have called 911 to get officers out here, and my owner has talked to her only 2 times. No one at the Police department will come out.(They say due to Covid, but Covid is not breaking the law as she is doing by her noise) She bangs, stops throws furniture, steals my packages at my left at my door from Amazon. I am almost 70 years old with Cancer/Cardiac/Urological critical health problems. I need help from the Police to be able to take this to court. My other neighbors are great and fine with my past offense of 21 years ago. I really need some help please. Thank You

  7. Looking for help for my Sponsee Guy Goodman who needs to placed at Alhambra with a kitchenette as I and my 2 therapy dogs will also be staying near there so we wont have 2 share spaces. I am sick with HIV and Sponsor just this 1 last person into off THE STREETS into C2C(MARICOPA COUNTY INMATE AND PROBATION SERVICES, PHX TASK FORCE)Into something better 4 ALL of US here IN AZ…Pls HEAR OUR PRAYERS AS WE PRAY 4 U…….

  8. Sharnell McLafferty

    Hi. My son is in need of housing and ADOC is not being helpful in regard to housing job options or who can even hire him. He is not able to stay with me due to other minor children in the home. I am new to all this and don’t even know where to start. He will be released in early October and need all the help I can get please.

    Desperate for help and guidance

    1. Hi sharnell feel free to call Me we have a church program we require people to do volunteer work fornthe first 2 months before being able to get a job we also provide help with after 2 months for that time everything is free we also require people to attend church while in our program 480-800-1635

      1. I’m a level 2 SO
        CAUGHT MY WIFE HAVING AN AFFAIR. IVE GOT NO PLACE TO GO. NO MONEY, BECAUSE IM DIABLED. SHE WANT ME OUT OF OUR HOUSE BY TOMORROW. I have been Baptisted and go to NORTH Phoenix church of God of Prophecy. In dire need.Because of the thoughts I’m have right now are not good.

    2. I am a so myself as long as your son is not on paper no one can say he can not stay with you.

  9. I’m a level 1 with dcac looking in Prescott or Prescott valley, chino I also have a job there.

  10. hi my husband gets released in feb/2023 an has to reg.s.o..we have a daughter so we are a family of 3 looking for a 2bedroom for rent if you know of any avaliable please let me know.

  11. My son is 38 .SMI..he was barely 18 when he got his one and only s o. charge… He should be a level one but is a level 3 due to prison 4 times. The first time was for probation violation of the original charge. Other 3 times were for drugs.. He/ we have had some really horrific experiences because of this… Housing is extremely hard to get…. We are both disabled ..can you please help us..

  12. I’m a level 2 SO
    CAUGHT MY WIFE HAVING AN AFFAIR. IVE GOT NO PLACE TO GO. NO MONEY, BECAUSE IM DIABLED. SHE WANT ME OUT OF OUR HOUSE BY TOMORROW. I have been Baptisted and go to NORTH Phoenix church of God of Prophecy. In dire need.Because of the thoughts I’m have right now are not good.

  13. No of this is any good, most don’t even exist anymore. If your not going to stay on this page and update it your Giving people false hope.
    And there are a couple not on this list. But they want to take it all. 750 to 800 a month for a bed.
    Your worthless.

  14. Hello my name is Anthony Verdugo I’m looking for trailer parks, homes and or apartments that will rent to me. I am a level 2 and it is a DCAC. You can email me I would greatly appreciate it

  15. Is your number toll-free?

    1. My son is also seeking to rent please inbox me

  16. I am a therapist that tries to help recently released SO’s.
    I scour the planet for resources and they are few and far between.

    I have found these two in AZ, I hope it helps!

    The Motel 6 on Idaho and US 60 or the Apache Junction one on Ironwood and Apache Trail

    ALSO – please watch out for this new scam! Always check with your REAL PO…

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