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  1. My dad had a sex offense conviction back in 1984, he has a wife now and is trying to find a new place to live but his conviction even though its very old is still affecting his ability to find a permanent spot to live. Can you offer any housing for “families” not just the offender?

  2. I am looking for house for my family unfortunately my husband need to register as a sex offend this charge was many years before we have met.he get out of prison for other reason 7/2018..we have no place and no family beside my children and ourselves. .

  3. I had a conviction in 1994 and I’m desperately looking for a place to live can you help me I’m looking for a studio apartment furnished

  4. I need help with resources for s.o a place to live in Phoenix Arizona the south side & only have 2 days left to find a place any help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated thank you.

    1. 1201 West Woodland ave…. this is a haven for sex offenders

      1. Who do I call about this place?

  5. Single male, my crime was committed before the age of 18. Just lost Jobe, can’t live with family due to minor children in the home and I’m going to be homeless tonight. I need a job and place to live asap! Please help

    1. Redeemed outreach takes sex offenders director 4808001635

  6. Been labeled level 3 s.o by illinois in 2001 need place to stay in n phoenix az. Need help asap can anyone help.

  7. Looking for housing for my boyfriend and myself.he is a level 2 sex offender.he is a supervisor at his job.can you please help us.

  8. My son will be out of DOC 2/22 Level 3. He will need housing with small kitchen. I will be paying his rent for a few months. He does have job prospects.

  9. Also, crime was when he was 18 yrs old almost 20 years ago.

  10. Looking for housing for my son-in-law and my daughter. He is a registered sex offender. Charged 13 years ago – non repetitive-non dangerous. It is my intention on also move in after we get him and us a home. Long time Arizona resident with job security. We have been searching for sometime now with no luck. Please help. Thank you

  11. My son will be getting out of prison on May 23, 2018. He is a registered SO level 3. He will be on parole for 5 months, he has no where to go. do you have any suggestions.

    1. Redeemed outreach 4808001635

  12. Redeemed outreach takes all sex offenders im the director 4808001635

  13. Redeemed outreach takes sex offenders 4808001635

  14. Shane I am a registered sex offender in Florida I do not know what level I would be because Florida does not have levels they just release you from prison and kick you out on the street find somewhere someplace for yourself are put you in sex offender group homes with real serious rules I’m trying to relocate to a state where I can get medical help I am blind in my right eye I’ve had five strokes this year alone I am looking for somewhere to live out west well I get ready to file my appeal on my case escort it does not believe in following short rules and regulations I need to find a place out there where I can stay that is set up for someone with a disability if you can help I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can get thank you

  15. My fiance is a lvl 3 S.O. and has been out of trouble for 8 yrs now and it’s been a struggle to find housing for him and me. Looking for at least a two bedroom. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Have gone through the resources site and have had no luck with anything.
    Please let me know if you can help in any way possible

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