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There are currently 48 state prisons, geographically grouped into 14 Complexes and two correctional treatment facilities, for state prisoners in the U.S. state of Arizona. This number does not include federal prisons, detention centers for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or county jails located in the state.

As of 2007 Arizona had exported more than 2000 prisoners to privately run facilities in Oklahoma and Indiana, a number that would have been higher if not for a riot of Arizona prisoners at the GEO Group‘s New Castle Correctional Facility on April 27, 2007, protesting the practice.[1] As of 2013, the states of Vermont, California and Hawaii export prisoners to facilities in Arizona.[2]

State-operated prisons[edit]

Privately operated prisons[edit]

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  1. How does a convicted sex offender of child pron on probation in AZ move from a level II to Level I ??

    What is the step by step procedure to facilitate a permanent residential move from AZ to Texas for a Level II sex offender of child porn ??

    As a friend we are having difficulty getting a straight answer from the PO or counselor treatment group.
    Thank you.

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