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  1. It would be great if they would be willing to send applications via fax or email. My husband will be release 9/30/17 and I have asked 3 times to have an application sent to me.

  2. Still looking for a place to boyfriend has been out of prison for 6 years has a great job.he is no danger to anyone.wish someone would give us a chance.

    1. Yeah I agree with you, seems like we are treated like third class citizens. I’ve been looking for a place for the last two months. And with a great job wife and two kids I refuse to live in a crack shit house that’s no better than a motel room. Can’t raise a family in a motel room. Not sure what we all can do but something has to be done very soon as more and more S.O. are getting released its gonna be a nightmare and the places that allow Offenders are booked up solid. Just thought I share as I’m in agreement with you. Good luck and tell him good job on finding a good job and trying to take care of his family, its hard out here.

  3. We all paid our debt to our society and to the court satisfaction and yet we will be treated like some monster for the rest of our lives…. the funny thing is everybody’s all worried about us but they need to be worried about the ones that hasn’t been arrested yet!! There are 10,000 registered sex offenders in Arizona people need to realize there are more and more not guarantee everybody lives within a two-block radius of a register sex offender. I say get used to it people it’s not our fault they categorize ALL sex offenders under one name: “SEX OFFENDER” Hell at this rate 75% of population will be sex offenders by 2025 if they don’t categorize sex offenders,,, no offense to anyone but my crime was utterly stupid and shouldn’t be classified as a sex offender… I’m not a politician so I can’t change the laws… Brother’s i wish you all the best cuz this is gonna be one bumpy road ahead of us.. Only the Strong Survive

  4. Sharon thereis a place off of 27th ave and camelback “tara manor” her name is martha 602 885 2290 I am paying 580 plus electric give her a call

  5. Looking for a place to move to in east Mesa or apache junction az. Need help finding a place have to be out of where I’m living in 2 weeks this property has been sold

  6. They only take who they want depending on who they know. Threw my son’s application in the trash. He has a job and willing to pay. What is their problem?

    1. Deb,

      I m SORRY TO HEAR YOUR SON WAS TREATED THIS WAY. PLEASE EMAIL US AT Toluv1anohter@gmail for safe & sober, and non judgmental housing options as we currently have 7 homes and will be opening a 13 unit facility within the next 30 days if your son has not been housed yet. Thank you!

    2. We accept sex offenders at redeemed outreach 480 800 1635

    3. We take offenders if tou need help redeemed outreach 4808001635

  7. My brother needs a temporary place to live until Interstate Compact goes through, maybe two – three months.. he has a job, own vehicle & money… like so many others, made a horrible mistake, paid his debt and is ready for someone to give him a chance..

  8. 290 with 2 minor girls need emergency housing relocated.from California to seek safe and clean life. Have legal custody of both my girls .

  9. Redeemed outreach accepts sex offenders 4808001635

  10. We accept sex offenders at redeemed outreach 480 800 1635

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