scam targeting sex offenders

scam targeting sex offenders


Scammers are focusing on a new vulnerable population — sex offenders.

Beaumont Police Department spokesperson Carol Riley said the department has seen seven cases of attempted or completed scams on area sex offenders.

“A lot of their information and registration (as a sex offender) is public,” Riley said.

That makes them an easy target for those looking to profit off the fear of re-incarceration or other violations that offenders worry about after serving their time while still on parole or probation.

“The scam is to call the person and tell them they have a bond to pay or that they’re about to be arrested,” Riley said.

The caller ID will often display as coming from Beaumont police, the city of Beaumont or some other official entity.

“They have the technology to spoof caller ID, so it will look like it’s the right (number),” she explained. “They make up different stories about new DNA or an outstanding bond or whatever, then send them to a location to get cash and take it to a place with Western Union or bitcoin” to send payment.

Sex offenders are an especially easily target because, although they know the system of payments for bonds and more, “they’re so nervous and unnerved by the call and about getting into trouble again, that they believe it and do it,” Riley said.

Some have been scammed out of sums ranging from hundreds to over a couple thousand dollars.

Technology has allowed some scammers to go so far as mimicking family members’ voices culled from social media posts to try and prove their veracity.

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  1. Hello,
    this is true but these people are also scamming us posting rooms for rent, then take your money. leaving you with no recourse. I myself have been scammed for over 500$ by 2 people here on your website. I’ve been trying to rent a room for my son, coming home from prison. and have given 2 deposits, to 2 different people, they kept my money and didn’t have a room. First is Pastor Gil Jeffrey, from Greater denominational church. he stole 250.$, the these women from Many blessings. Her names, are Iretha Barefield, and Keisha. stole 300$, I have proof. from my bank, and a receipt from the pastor. and Letters the gave me for the parole board. And their still doing this. I hope you can help, or at least take them off this list/ website. this is how they get their victims. They seem to think there’s nothing we can do. please help. even if I don’t recover the money, don’t let them go on here. please call me if you want to talk.

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