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Updated: February 8, 2017 — 5:03 pm

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  1. Looking for apartments for my SO husband, near 85032 any information for a place where he can move would be great

    1. Have you found any thing yet I am looking for my son and maybe me

    2. Same here
      Let me know if you find something
      God bless

    3. did you have any luck? I’m a level 3 looking for a place to rent

    4. Did u find any luck

    5. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

    6. Have u found anything

  2. i’m seeking a place to stay for sex offenders in tucson Az. please if you have any ideas i nneone at least by 7\1\17

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  3. Certified PCSOT Polygraph Examiner. Affordable Exams. In-Office or Mobile. www.

    Thank you,

    Roger B.

  4. Looking for a home (four bedroom two bath) for 4 individuals in the Phoenix area. Willing to pay up to $1000 per month.

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  5. Looking for a two or three bedroom. Townhome or apartments for my SO Husband and i have older children .affordable please .gets out of prison 7/2018. He has to register zip 85009 or 85015

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  6. Im a level 3 sex in offwnder in Phoenix az. Is anyome Aware of any mobile trailer parks that will rent/ lease me an Empty lot. Lmk

    1. did you find anything..? I am looking too

    2. There is one off Indian School and i-17. Not sure the name. But there are few so’s that live there. Horrible part of town though.

  7. Do you know where I can find a list of apartmentd or trailers that accept SO in Mesa or Phoenix?

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  8. There is a man that does boarding housing for sex offenders. His name is chris and his phone number is (692)696-8114 his property’s are all in downtown phx. Hope this helps

    1. He has no openings

  9. need help probation is forcing me out of my house need to find a apartment near Sun city Youngstown I have a uncle over here I help take care of

    1. How can your probation force you out of your house unless you cannot live with who else is there. If you are not going to be in violation of your terms you should be ok. My P.O. will help me find someplace if I need it. She does a good job.

  10. Jessica Stevenson


    My husband and I need somewhere to stay we have a 4 month old son. He has to register does anyone know of anything?

  11. The program will serve those grandparents whose child is in prison if they are taking care of grandchildren, but we are quite certain that the “legal services” provided to NOT include criminal appeals or challenges to the conviction of one’s child.

  12. Hi,

    I’m looking for a place to rent for my father. He is an SO and will be released at the end of August 2017. Does anybody have any resources for SO housing in Phoenix or around the area?

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  13. My husband is due to be release 9/30/17 and I am trying to find affordable housing in the Phoenix area. Any auggestions?

  14. I did find information on Arizona sex offender risk assessment that identify what reporting level someone would be and the 19 part scoring system they use..

  15. Name: Linda

    What may we assist you with?: Hello, I hope whoever reads these emails can answer my question. I am currently renting a home in Mesa, Arizona. My fiance will be getting out of prison in October and has to register as a sex offender, I will be notifying my landlord per my lease agreement, “when having another individual move in” the lease-agreement says, “you must notify the landlord.” So I will be notifying my landlord to make him aware of my fiance moving in & having to register at the address i am currently renting. My question is. If my landlord decides to break the renters agreement due to my fiance being an SO what are some legal actions I need to be aware of? Like are there any laws in AZ about discriminating against sex offenders when it comes to housing? What do i need to know before disclosing info to landlord. I live in a house not apartment & its not a gated community. Thank you for taking the time to read over this, I hope to hear back soon. much appreciated.

    1. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  16. Because to find someone out there that lives by forgive and forget is rare. Sex offenders are ALL looked at as child molesters. Most do not know what happened, how it happened, and what led to the act. Police discriminate and treat you different when they find out you are a SO. A murderer can serve him time get out of jail or prison, and not have his or her name plastered all over the web, the neighborhood you live in, fliers passed out to everyone around you. I believe that if you pay your debts to society as a SO, why do not have the same rights as others. I whole heartedly feel that all this we have to go through puts our life in danger, and opens us up to a lot that is bad in this world. I did not molest, touch, kill, rape or expose myself or anything like that and I am looked at as if I did. I am sick that I cannot get a good job, date, even see my kids for a long time due to this. The law makes it so you cannot move on with your life. My police department put me on the SO website here, and they put my crime down wrong on the site, and the police said that’s the way it is and I am close to suing the police to change it. Also I got put in as a level 2, when the level 1 offenders touched, exposed and did other things. Those that posses child porn and those that rape or have sex with a child or someone under the age of 18 are processed under the same scope of the law. How the hell can someone that looks at a photo and one that rapes have the same punishment, does not make sense. I was going through depression, and other things that led me to do what I did, but I not use that as an excuse and I took responsibility for what I did and took a plea, served my time in jail and I am on probation. I will pay for this crime the rest of my life like no other crime I could have done. I could go on but I will stop here.

    1. Check out for other good information.

  17. Hello,
    We have a 78 year old client who needs housing that allows sex offenders. His situation is just shocking and you can read about it here:
    AZ DOC will not release him until he has a good IL address and as you know, there is almost nowhere in IL he can go as a registered sex offender. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

    Karen Wolff
    Social Worker
    Innocence Project
    40 Worth St., Ste. 701
    New York, NY 10013
    212.364.5967 (t)
    212.364.5341 (f)

  18. Markley, Melissa S

    I am a case manager with the hospital in Tucson and am trying to identify services for a current patient who is a registered sex offender. He is in need of housing and employment services. Is there anyone who may be able to help or even meet with the patient? He is in need of any other community supports available as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Melissa Markley
    Banner Health-BHP

  19. Are You Requesting or Submitting Information?: Requesting Information
    Your Name: Craig Cathelyn
    Your Email:
    Contact Phone Number: 6025162136
    What information would you like to provide us?: Also I”m looking for a Place that 3 Peaple can live like a home a Apartment. we need it by the First of August.
    Address of Housing/Resource: 2040 W BERRIDGE LN APT 7, PHOENIX, 7 85015
    County of Resource Requested or Submitted: Arizona

  20. looking for a halfway house for my bro??

  21. Looking for a place for me and my girl I am a s.o reach me at Brittanynowell317@gmail

  22. Am looking for a place to rent that accepts s.o.s

  23. I am looking for an apartment that accepts so’s

  24. Looking for a mobile home or someplace that will take an SO and a dog for my son. Maricopa county would work best, but anyplace close to the Phoenix area would work.

    1. There is a guy that does boarding houses in downtown phx. His name is Chris, he accepts sex offenders, and his number is (602) 696-8114.

    2. Sorry, no suggestions for housing. But, check out for other good information.

  25. Looking for a home in east MESA asap.Husband has a great job.we have been looking for months please help

  26. Me, my wife and 2 kids (3 & 2 years old) are looking for a home to rent in Phoenix. We are moving from Virginia. She is already there as she started a new management position with the city. Me amd the kids are on our way, but we 1st need a home to rent. 5 years ago, I made a terrible choice in sleeping with a coworker I was told was 18. She was only 16 and I was charged with Indecent Liberties on a minor. I have no other convictions and plenty of references as to the man I am today. Its very hard to find housing when you have a felony. But we are hoping someone has a heart for a family just looking to move on. We have rented for 8 years in VA, no evictions, all payments on time. Please contact us. Hoping for a 3br, 2bth house or townhouse.

  27. I am In dire need of some legal assistance concerning my 30+ year old case. I am currently on the registered sex offenders list,and just recently found out I infact do not have to be on this “Death List”.How ever I am now locking horns with the Navajo Counties Register Sex Offenders Officer. I am certian that I do not have to be on this list ,but the Officer is giving me the run aroundand is at tims very stand offish,arguementive and at times threateningand intimadatind.I am on the bottom 1% of society as a Native American Indian and not very will versed in the Federal,State ,County, and Tribal leagal aspects concerning my case and this is what the Official is banking on.Please help me get the proper leagal info. and representation I need to get off this list. (P.S. My E-Mail Account is currently down and I am unable to attain a new account at this time.)

  28. We are looking for a place in Scottsdale Az. if you know any please let me know.

  29. I’m in need of a place for my son. He’s to be released Mar 29 2018. He is very talented construction brick block
    Stair cases. He is a RSO.

  30. Im looking for a studio or condo for myself my sex offense was a class 6 i just got out of prison and need to find somewhere in the valley so i can transfer from payson. Please email me if you have any info ive been looking everywhere and hoping that someone has some insight on where i can look. I have the money to pay.

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