Employment opportunities for people on the registry

Employment opportunities for people on the registry


If you know of anyone in any of the states listed below who is looking for entry level work, please send them my way. This work-from-home position involves talking on the phone through a computer. Much of it is doing political surveys. It is not difficult work, though it can be tedious and a little taxing. We are paying at least minimum wage (more than minimum wage in many states) and we do offer some basic benefits. Candidates have to have a good computer, a fast reliable internet connection, and be willing to get a headset. About 2/3 of the people working for me currently are on the registry (or related to someone on the registry) and many people find it’s a great stepping stone into a better paying position.

Anyone interested can apply on our website: www.homeprotc.com

The states we can hire from now include:


Please pass this on if you are in one of these states. I have an email that I usually send out with more details. I’m happy to share it with you if you would like.

This is a good opportunity for people who are trying to re-establish themselves. I’ve found it doesn’t work real well as a “second job” but I’m not opposed to it if people want to try to make it work. It is definitely entry level, but again, many of my employees have worked for 6 months or so and then were able to get a better job because they had a current work history.

Thanks in advance for sharing this information.

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