Foul Play Suspected In Death Of Missing Sex Offender

Foul Play Suspected In Death Of Missing Sex Offender


Last week, Hernando County deputies put up an alert about a missing sex offender who they reported had cut off his ankle monitor and disappeared.

Yesterday, the man was found dead, with the Hernando Sheriff calling him the “victim of foul play”

We will continue to monitor this case to determine whether the registrant was the victim of a vigilante murder.

Registrants are reminded to always be vigilant and careful. Do not open the door to anyone you don’t know or are not expecting.

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  1. Branson

    Be vigilant and careful of opening doors?!?!!!! Every thing that’s been done and the insane amount of new rules and regulations are putting offenders and their families- their children, at great risk! They are basically given a life sentence and harassed for their time on this earth. Stop making it impossible to find a home or a job! Stop putting signs up in yards or handing flyers out to houses! Stop marking your cars with Sex Offender Compliancy Unit! Stop, just stop! If this man was killed by a vigilante, every person responsible for forcing a registry that Does NOT help, or every person that made this man’s life impossible to live- should be held responsible!

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