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The links below are to websites that offer information related to Virginia sex offense laws, statistics and other related topics. All website listed below provided information only for the state of Virginia. The resources below are listed in no particular order. If you know of any other resources that should be added to the Virginia sex offender resource list, please contact us and let us know.

We do not certify, endorse, or control any of these external link. We do not certify accuracy, timeliness of information, and/or working of these links. Use of this information is voluntary and should be independently reviewed for accuracies.

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Franklin Grove
2916 Chamberlayne Ave.
Richmond, VA 23222

Inby Lane MHP
4005 Inby Lane, Big Stone Gap, VA 24246

Pilgrims Passage
1500 Sherwood Ave.
Richmond, VA 23220

Reformed View Ministries
616 Whispering Willow Ct.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462-4738

Strath House
8267 Strath Rd., Henrico VA 23231
804-508-0571 or Email:
POC: Mrs. Walker or Mrs. Sykes; three houses for RCs outside Richmond

The following programs don’t provide housing but may offer leads on housing:

Offender Aid Restoration (OAR)
10640 Page Ave., No. 250, Fairfax, VA 22030, Phone: 703-246-3033
1400 N. Uhle St., Suite 704 Arlington, VA 22201, Phone: 703-228-7030
The Arlington location may have a list of apartments that will rent to RSO’s.

Safer Virginia, PO Box 4289, Richmond, VA 23220-8289
(804) 525-9186

Virginia CURE
PO Box 2310, Vienna, VA 22183
703-272-362 or 703-242-6459 oe email:


State Register, Laws & Information

  • Virginia Public Sex Offender Registry – This is the Virginia State Police official Sex Offender Registry database. It can be used to view information about a Sexual Offender.
  • Virginia Sex Offender Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Asked Questions regarding sex offense laws and the registration.
  • Virginia Megan’s Law – Information about Virginia’s law in the State of Virginia in more layman’s terms then many sites. This page is provided by The KLAAS Kids Foundation.
  • Assessing Risk Among Sex Offenders in Virginia – In 1999, the Virginia General Assembly requested the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission to develop a sex offender risk assessment instrument, based on the risk of re-offense, for integration into the state’s sentencing guidelines system. The report was published in 2001. (This is a .pdf file)
  • Sexual Offending – A report written by the Virginia Commission on Youth about Juvenile sex offenders. It was published in 2007. (This is a .pdf file)

Support & Counseling

  • The Institute for Family Centered Services – IFCS has earned the reputation for successfully serving families with the most challenging and difficult circumstances, utilizing powerful and rigorous interventions via intensive in home services to maximize community safety. They offer a treatment program for adult sex offenders and sex offender assessment. Please visit their site to find a location nearest to you.
  • Shanandoah Valley Sex Offender Treatment Program – SVSOTP is a community-based outpatient treatment program for sex offenders, founded in 1985 by a group of area therapists with training and special interest in sex offender treatment. They are located in Harrisonburg, VA.
  • Salveo Consulting – Salveo Consulting also provides services for individuals involved with the criminal justice systems, both juveniles and adults, perpetrators and victims. They are located in Manassas, VA.

Other Resources

  • Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County, Inc – OAR is the leading provider of offender services in Arlington County and the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church Virginia as well as Washington DC. Offender Aid and Restoration offers: Jail-based educational, therapeutic and career development programs; Supervised community service; Professional re-entry services; Employment counseling; A talented corps of community volunteers.
  • Stop the Senate – Site to find out whom your state senator is and ways to contact him/her.
  • Stop the House of Representatives- Site to find out whom your state House of Representative is and ways to contact him/her.
  • Stop the Governor – Site to find out whom your state’s governor is and how to contact him/her.

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  1. Vincent Bayer

    I am a registered sex offender in tidewater. 5 minutes of poor judgement has ruined the rest of my life. I have been turned down for Job after job. Have been chronicly homeless. Even most homeless shelters won’t allow you in! Without any family, or support network things are looking hopeless. I have contemplate suicide many times please is there any help

  2. Wen

    hi my husband is a registered sex offender and have been incarcerated for the past year he is due to get out in the next 2 months. I am trying to find housing for him in or around the Lynchburg / Roanoke Virginia area. Please help

    1. Kiko

      Please if you get any information about housing information please reachout to help me. My boyfriend is a registered sex offender and i cant find housing! We are also expecting a child . Lynchburg area !

  3. Yahilyn

    I am trying to find housing for myself and my husband in Norfolk. My husband is a registered sex offender and was denied entrance because where I am currently living is within 5 miles of a school. I am trying to find housing wishing Norfolk, Chesapeake, and or Virginia Beach. Please help.

  4. Yahilyn

    Hi my husband was denied entrance into VA because my job relocated me to a house that is within five miles of schools. Is there anyway I can get help with housing for us within the Norfolk/Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Area

  5. Kari W

    Any1 on here ever get any responses on here from any1!? Please let me know need help I am in Prince Edward Area VA. INeeds help with a job & housing for him and likes not sure where to start please help him – Kari W😁

  6. Jamie Sims

    Hi, it’s been nine years since the night I ruined my life. Since then I’ve gotten my life together got nine years clean and sober. And have been living in recovery house. Which is being sold. And because of having to register this was the only one that would take me. So I’m looking for a place to live. In the henrico Va area, I don’t drive. If anyone knows anything please.

  7. Sarah

    Hey there. My boyfriend will be released anywhere from July of 2024 to February of 2025 and we will be moving in together and don’t really know where to start looking

  8. My husband was released Friday December 1st they put him on probation here in Virginia but we live in North Carolina and we have to wait for a transfer but we can’t afford to keep paying for hotel rooms. if he doesn’t have an address he goes back to jail. does anybody know of any rooms for rent where people with these charges are accepted?

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