Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules SORNA Unconstitutional

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court today ruled SORNA Unconstitutional as applied to an individual whose offenses predate it’s enactment. The Court found: 1) SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment notwithstanding the General Assembly’s identification of the provisions as nonpunitive; 2) retroactive application of SORNA’s registration provisions violates the federal ex post facto clause; and 3) retroactive application of SORNA’s registration provisions also violates the ex post facto clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

This is another HUGE decision, this time in a State Supreme Court.

Although this has no bearing on Florida, the finding is indicative of a trend in the courts and some more persuasive precedent when it comes to future litigation.

You can read the full opinion of the Court below:

Commonwealth v. Muniz 17_07-19

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