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Please use this page to view each state resource for your links to the following:

  • Sex Offender Ordinances by county
  • Rentals & Housing
  • Companies That Hire Sex Offenders
  • Legal Motions
  • County Court Addresses & Contacts
  • County Jails

Some sex offender housing locations will be on the each individual state page. If you know of any more that you would like to share, please notify us on our submit resource page.


  1. Russell Carson

    Looking for neighborhoods in which I could purchase a home where my nephew who is a sex offender could come and live with me when he gets out of prison. This needs to be in Volusia county Florida.

  2. Karen Traster

    looking for a place for my friend and i he has been out 2 years and live in a motel and we like to find a home to rent and live and work for him to do he on ssdi right now but willing to work part time thank you

  3. Darrell

    I need help with a place to stay in Crestview Florida. I’m on parole for a sex offence. Friday I got evicted because I couldn’t pay my rent due to its lost my job. Now I’m at my sister’s, but she is just letting me stay here til Wednesday. Every shelter I talked to says no sex offenders.

  4. Patricia Isham

    Looking for housing near imperial mo.
    My husband pledged guilty so he got a plea bargain in 1986 did probation an has not had anything since then
    At one time he didn’t have a register for a few years then change the law now has to register again!!!!
    Need places to look for apartments

  5. Richard Turner

    Seek some type of housing assistance plus first months rent and security deposit in Nothern Virginia area, convicted 10/1/1993, yet Vs. State law requires a State police compliance to make 2 visits a year and be given a copy of lease agreement. Gave monthly social security payments in order to pay for all subsequent rent payments, currently homeless and will supplement social security with a regular job after a complete 7 day rest. Current age is 76 years old and have NO other violations including traffic tickets!! Please contact Richard Turner, 703 386 6589 24 hours daily.

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