NE: Sex offender residency restriction dropped by council

NE: Sex offender residency restriction dropped by council


YORK – An ordinance that would have banned convicted/registered sex offenders from living within 500 feet of a school or child care facility in York (NEBRASKA) was given a second public reading and then dropped for good.

The matter came before the York City Council Thursday night, as they met in regular session.

This type of local regulation was discussed six years ago by that sitting council but no action was ever taken.

It was now revisited because some residents expressed concerns about registered/convicted sex offenders living in close proximity of such facilities right now and others allegedly considering moving into those areas.


During Thursday night’s meeting, members of the Ordinance Committee said they’d talked about it further and didn’t feel it was something the city should enact.

“We met about this, looked at closely and the data says that restrictions like this don’t make a community safer and in fact create a false sense of safety,” said Council Member Sheila Hubbard.

“One thing that stood out to us is that if we drew a circle around all the schools and the child care facilities, people would be displaced and that would be a problem for families,” said Councilman Mat Wagner. “There is no evidence that they are recommitting these crimes and we found this to actually be more detrimental.”

“I have also heard, from people in York, that they worried this type of restriction would push them (registered sex offenders) to not report their residencies,” said Councilman Ron Mogul.

“The Ordinance Committee is recommending that it can have a third reading but that the council not pass it,” Hubbard said further.

Councilman Clarence Hoffman made a motion to drop the matter which Wagner seconded. All the council members agreed with them and no further action will be taken.


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